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Pressure of a pipe

In Russia protective duties concerning metallurgical production from Belarus and Kazakhstan are nulled because of coming into force of the customs code of the customs union which was made by these three countries. However the basic internal antidumping investigations still ahead. Pressure upon the Russian metallurgists from outside metalloimporterov from kitaja, japonii and Latin ameriki and evropy accrues.

the SHARE of the MANUFACTURER In the end of the last year the industry and trade Ministry has finished repeated special protective investigation concerning import of pipes of the big diameter (TBD more than 508 mm) in which result the customs duties at a rate of 8 %, entered in 2006, should be prolonged till the end of 2012. As an example of positive result from duty action that fact has been resulted that for last five years the share of home producers in the Russian market TBD has grown with 69 to 95 %. The market rest is occupied now with manufacturers from the European Union countries (to 80 % from the rest), China and Japan.

the information that foreign trubniki want to deliver the production on the largest Russian oil and gas projects became one of the bases for duty prolongation: Yamal, Sakhalin - Khabarovsk - Vladivostok, VSTO. They even pass certification according to the Russian requirements. Thus it is necessary to notice that cost of pipes from Japan and China several times less than the Russian analogues. It speaks including in cost of rail transportation in Russia.

for example, in China railroad rate for transportation of 1 ton of pipes makes $0,012, and in Russia it four times above. Deputies from metallurgists Suggest to fix legislatively besides duty introduction primary participation Russian trubnikov in domestic pipeline projects, differently it is absolutely not clear, why builders should use pipes of identical quality, but is several times more expensive.

however, not all antidumping investigations necessarily come to an end with introduction of duties.

the INVESTIGATION BEARING According to Minpromtorga, is now conducted some antidumping investigations concerning import nikelsoderzhashchego corrosion-proof flat hire from China, South Korea, Brazil and the republic of South Africa and in the relation podshipnikovyh pipes from China. Decisions on them should be accepted in the end of June. Besides, investigation concerning import obsadnyh, petropipeline and gorjachedeformirovannyh pipes from Ukraine is conducted. It has been begun in December of last year under the statement of the Russian manufacturers of pipes (Open Society Vyksunsky metal works Open Society The Volga trumpet factory Open Society the Chelyabinsk pipe-rolling factory Open Society Pervouralsk new trumpet factory Open Society the Taganrog metal works Open Society Sinarsky trumpet factory and Open Society Seversky trumpet factory ) . Now on import obsadnyh pipes the duty at a rate of 11,4 % from customs cost, on other two kinds of pipes - 8,9 % operates.

Within the limits of operating intergovernmental agreements separate positions of pipes from Ukraine are imported into Russia duty-free. Meanwhile, according to Minpromtorga, import obsadnyh pipes from Ukraine has already led to reduction of a share of the Russian manufacturers, decrease in profitability of their manufacture, therefore there are all bases to raise the customs duties rate.

in April Minpromtorg has prepared the governmental order project About a special protective measure concerning machine-building fixture according to which on this production it is planned to enter the duty at a rate of 11,6 %, but not less than $282,4 for ton for a period of three years. According to the experts, if this measure is approved, the prices for fixing products will grow on 30 - 40 %. According to the co-ordinator of council of association Rosmetiz Alexander Semenova, more than 70 % of fixing products in Russia are not made today and if to lift the duty on their import expenses practically in all industries where bolts, screws, nuts, washers and other small metal products are used will automatically raise. Minpromtorg wants to protect two Russian manufacturers ( MMK - the Hardware and Severstal - the Hardware ) Which let out an order of 60 thousand tons of products in a year, and the volume of consumption of a hardware in Russia exceeds 100 thousand tons.

and thus it is necessary to consider that domestic factories also export the production. In general, by sight the expert, it is not clear yet officials achieve that and whether will exceed the general damage for the industry of that advantage which will be received by two metallurgical companies.

KONSPIROLOGIJA METAL ROLLING Investigation concerning metal rolling with the polymeric covering, imported of China, Korea, Belgium, Finland and Kazakhstan, has been begun under the statement of three metallurgical companies (Open Society Severstal Open Society MMK and Open Society NLMK) even in the spring of 2008. Within almost two years Minpromtorg tried to estimate a damage which was put by foreign manufacturers of the domestic industry. However as a result it was found out that it simply is not present. And such happens - the dumping not always does harm of the industry. However about all one after another. First of all during the investigation became obvious that one of applicants - NLMK - occupies more than 35 % in the market of manufacture of metal rolling with a polymeric covering.

FAS on demand of Minpromtorga has drawn the conclusion about consequences of introduction of antidumping measures: in this case they will lead to strengthening of the market power of three companies - applicants that will cause a rise in prices for this kind of production.

the customs duties rate on import of import metal rolling with a polymeric covering at the moment of investigation made 5 %. With Kazakhstan the intergovernmental agreement from 1992 on which basis the duty was not raised at all operated. The unique Kazakh manufacturer - joint-stock company " delivered production; Arselor MittalTemirtau which occupied less than 5 % in import total amount.

According to Minpromtorga, during the period with 2004 for 2007 the volume of import of metal rolling with a polymeric covering has grown more than three times - from 144 thousand to 460 thousand tons, thus the price has increased less than twice - from $485 to $888 for ton. The prices for metal rolling with a polymeric covering from Belgium - almost three times, from $406 to $1346 for ton - and Finland - from $624 to $1408 have most of all increased, however it is connected with euro growth in relation to dollar. Less all has grown the prices for production from Kazakhstan - from $863 to $1121 for ton.

also it has been during the investigation proved that the export prices at all suppliers were more low, than the prices of home producers. This difference at the Chinese manufacturers where the export prices more than twice exceeded the price in Heavenly Empire (a dumping margin was most appreciable reached 125 %). For other countries the difference made from 2 % (in Belgium) to almost 30 % (in Finland). That is the fact of a dumping for all importers has been completely proved. Besides, it was found out that during the period with 2004 for 2007 the volume of output of Russian production though added on a quarter annually, however rates of consumption were still above - about 30 % a year. Demand was provided from import manufacturers.

it would Seem, the damage of the Russian industry is obvious, however Minpromtorgu became known that one of applicants - the company Severstal more precisely, its trading a daughter itself bought production in China, that is actually recognised that it is more favourable to buy it at lower price, than to make in territory of Russia.

as a whole three Russian manufacturers occupied 77 % of the market, the volume of their manufacture for the investigated period has grown almost three times and the share in the market was not reduced. And this with the fact that the Russian prices were more expensive Asian almost twice, and European - in ones and a half. Taking into account all these factors in Minpromtorge have come to an unequivocal conclusion: the damage for the Russian companies from import of metal products with a polymeric covering does not exist. The Russian capacities do not allow to provide a growing demand for this production so, its import is simply necessary.

THREAT From the EAST In April the ministry of commerce of China has finished antidumping investigation in the relation holodnokatanoj teksturirovannoj an electrotechnical (transformer) steel from Russia. Introduction since April, 11th of some antidumping duties for a period of five years became its result. At negotiations in China it was possible to company NLMK almost impossible. On April, 11th the Chinese ministry of commerce has established for Open Society NLMK (and Open Society VISAS - a steel ) In the relation holodnokatanoj teksturirovannoj an electrotechnical (transformer) steel the rate of the customs duties at a rate of 6,3 %. Thus that for other Russian manufacturers the rate - 25 %. According to Ministry of economic development and trade, originally Chinese government wanted to establish the duty at a rate of 37 % from customs cost, however as a result of its negotiations it was possible to lower considerably.

Besides, Pakistan this year has begun antidumping investigation concerning Russian gorjachekatanogo hire. Council of cooperation of the Arabian states of Persian gulf now makes special protective investigation concerning the Russian metal corners and beams.

at the same time, Minekonomrazvitiju was possible last year it was possible to agree with Mexico about duty cancellation on seamless pipes from vysokouglerodistoj steels and with Turkey - about decrease in duties on a steel from Russia.