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To relax in Cyprus it will not be possible

Yesterday Siberia has led the first match in League of Europe with Cyprian Apollo . Despite the big game advantage of owners, is especially closer to the game end, their victory has appeared enough modest - 1:0. Will keep advantage following the results of two matches novosibirtsam uneasy - Cypriotes have shown that love and are able to attack.
before a yesterday`s match of the third selection round of League of Europe between Novosibirsk Siberia and Apollo from Limassol players and trainers of both commands said that waits for spectators interesting football. These forecasts have started to justify since first minutes when novosibirtsy, encouraged 13 thousand fans, have rushed to attack. Already on the fifth minute of a meeting the captain of owners Alexey Medvedev has jumped out in private with the goalkeeper of visitors Karelian Hvalkovski, but to change it and could not - in a desperate throw the goalkeeper has taken away threat from own gate.

Apollo in the first time has counted on eshelonirovannuju defence, but it did not mean what to hammer Cypriotes did not gather. Their rare counterattacks appeared very dangerous, especially if to consider that defence at Siberia - not its strongest party. On the tenth minute business could turn back very badly for owners, but it has carried. The basic halfback of Cypriotes Daniel Kinteros, having received a ball in the stranger penal, has become puzzled and, apparently, has simply forgotten to put a shoot for goal Siberia .

At owners actively on another`s half weeding operated not only attacking Alexey Medvedev and Alexander Antipenko, but also the left defender Dmitry Molosh constantly connected to attack. The owner, probably, the strongest blow in Russian the prime minister - league could amaze and gate Apollo . Unfortunately, two distant shots of the Byelorussian supporting the Siberian club have passed by gate, and in the third episode Karelian Hvalkovski has again rescued the command. He has stood at attention and has reflected blow.

already on a course of the first time to the head coach Siberia Igor Kriushenko had to introduce in corrective amendment game. Traumatised Alexander Antipenko was replaced by one more forward - Maxim Shevchenko. And in the beginning of the second time it has let out in the field and the pupil of Novosibirsk club Romana Beljaeva. An attacking triangle Siberia as a result also has brought a victory to a command of mister Kriushenko. On 74 - j to minute of a meeting the Novel Beljaev has come off trustees, has entered into the penal area of visitors and has translated a ball on Maxim Shevchenko. That could deduce transfer on Alexey Medvedev`s empty gate, and the best attacking novosibirtsev has not missed.

further commands could exchange goals. At first Vojtseh Kovalevski hardly has not lost a ball, trying to lead round attacking Apollo near to the gate. Then Alexey Medvedev could hammer in the second ball. But as a result the account 1:0 has remained on a board to a final whistle. After a match the overflowed tribunes Spartaka clapped. Novosibirsk Siberia has won the first victory in the history in football Euro cups.

there was very difficult game. We understood that our contender - very serious command which hopes to leave in the following stage of tournament. Besides for the majority of players of our club matches on international scene were in a novelty. In the first time it was possible to cope with excitement, and in second half of game to score a victorious goal. Advantage in one ball small, but we will make all for this purpose what to pass in the following stage of tournament - Igor Kriushenko has told after a match.

Reciprocal game will pass on August, 5th in Limassol. It is obvious that in native walls and on a natural lawn Apollo will play better, than yesterday in Novosibirsk. So to defend the advantage extracted on Spartake to Siberians it will be uneasy.