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Russia has grown Siberia

Siberia yesterday has extracted for Russia the first eurocup victory in a new season. In a match of the third selection round of League of Europe novosibirtsy have broken resistance Cyprian Apollo having beaten the contender with the minimum account 1:0.
In league of Europe Siberia thoroughly settled in a zone of a departure of the championship of Russia and gained from the season beginning only two victories, has got thanks to happy coincidence of circumstances. On a course of draw of the Cup of Russia through which the command has made the way in Euro cup second for the importance, novosibirtsy have faced only two commands of premieres - leagues - in a semi-final with Alaniej only this year come back to the higher battalion, and in the ending with Zenith which has won a trophy. But in view of that the Petersburgers finishing in last championship on the third place and so guaranteed to itself participation in League of champions, the desired permit in League of Europe has for the first time in history received Siberia . Considering that make the way novosibirtsam it can and not be presented to Europe to other possibility, they have tried as it is possible to be hooked more strong for present chance.

a yesterday`s match against Cyprian Apollo they have begun with reckless attacks. Both commands operated marvellously raskreposhchenno, having forgotten about any protective schemes. The midfield for Cypriotes and novosibirtsev as if did not exist - they ran it, almost without meeting the slightest resistance from the contender. Football players more succeeded in so two-edged football Siberia . Their captain Alexey Medvedev did not realise an exit in private, and on an outcome of half an hour of a match the massed attack of owners hardly has not led to a capture of gate: Alexander Makarenko`s powerful blow from a line of gate was taken out by the defender Apollo Nasif Morris, however a ball, srikoshetiv from Medvedev, has got into a bar.

pressure upon gate of Cypriotes did not weaken and in the second time. Considerably sat down football players Apollo for which game with Siberia became the first official match in a season, obviously were not in time behind chaotic movings of the home team and committed the roughest errors in defence. One of them novosibirtsy have perfectly used: Alexey Medvedev after Igor Shevchenko`s verified transfer it is exemplary has closed a distant bar. However to develop success and to provide to itself more comfortable difference in the account Siberia could not. Despite uncountable attacks novosibirtsev final 15 minutes of a match, Cypriotes managed to reduce a meeting to the minimum defeat which puts aside it quite good chances of an exit in the following round. The return match between these commands will take place on August, 5th.