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The regional Office of Public Prosecutor asserts that in nyrobskoj colonies starved ten times more person

Office of Public Prosecutor of the Perm edge together with Nyrobsky Office of Public Prosecutor on supervision of observance of laws in correctional facilities has inspected to the facts of the announcement of termless hunger-strike of the prisoners who are serving time in IK - 11. As informs a press - service of supervising body, as an occasion to check carrying out the information published in a network the Internet has served. Office of Public Prosecutor, having studied circumstances of an event, has established that in the morning and during the lunchtime on July, 20th 2010 food intake has refused 62 condemned from 97, chamber types of a colony containing in a uniform premise. According to the department, starving have declared that the wrongful behaviour of men on duty - persons, from among condemned became an occasion to protest actions. According to protesting, Men on duty stated concerning them threats of use of physical force and other character if they refused to fulfil administration requirements on a colony accomplishment . Replacement of men on duty was the basic requirement declared condemned. The spent public prosecutor`s check has shown that the facts of the statement of threats from men on duty to condemned really took place, but real actions to their realisation was not undertaken. Based on the results of testing, the Nyrobsky Office of Public Prosecutor to chief IK - 11 brings representation with requirements of elimination of infringements criminally - the executive code of the Russian Federation and the criminal code of the Russian Federation, regarding the maintenance and employment condemned to imprisonment in the correctional facilities having a various mode of the maintenance. Besides, check materials are directed to Cherdynsky interdistrict investigatory department of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation on the Perm edge.

we Will remind, this very day on July, 20th refusal of food intake has been stopped. In regional management GUFSIN do not agree with such treatment of events. In a press - management service have informed that 6 persons starved only. hunger-strike is considered officially declared when the prisoner has written the application. Besides, they thus used the food, that is in advance got in shop. That is in advance were going to refuse the general food - have noted in a press - service.

Vitaly Vodopjanov