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For rescue of one-year-old Dashi Vahraevoj there are no 987 039 rbl. more How to help

Managing branch of Institute of children`s haematology and transplantology of R.M.Gorbachevoj Natalia Stancheva (Petersburg) tells: At Dashi really illness is revealed early - low indicators of blood right after births were found out. The congenital syndrome of marrowy insufficiency at it was transformed in mielodisplastichesky a syndrome . This dangerous condition, madam Stancheva marks: Constantly to live on blood transfusions it is impossible, and own marrow does not work for Dashi . Besides the risk of the further transformation - in sharp lejkoz is very great. Only marrow transplantation Therefore can help. The brother of the girl as the donor has not approached, more often it and happens. But preliminary search in the international register (fund Stefana Morsha, Germany) has shown that potential donors for Dashi in Europe are.

Search completely the compatible donor and transplant delivery to Petersburg 593 689 rbl. More will manage in 17,5 thousand it is necessary on purchase of anti-inflammatory and antifungoid medicines without which the risk of serious complications in posletransplantatsionnyj the period is extremely high. Thus, for rescue of Dashi Vahraevoj it is necessary 1 282 052 rbl. As always, our constant partner the Petersburg welfare fund Advita will list 295 013 rbl. (details on rusfond. ru). That is there are no 987 039 rbl. more

Dear friends! If you decide to rescue Dashu Vahraevu let you are not confused with the rescue price. On a court yard unknown heat, a season of holidays in a heat, simply is not enough readers, and roads literally each your rouble! Therefore any your donation will be accepted with great gratitude. It is possible to list money in welfare fund the Help (founders the Publishing house And Lev Ambinder) and on the bank account Dashinoj of mum Tatyana Sergeevny Vahraevoj. All requisites are in the Russian fund of the help. It is possible to use and our system of electronic payments, having made a donation from a credit card or an electronic cash, including from - for a boundary (a detail on rusfond. ru).