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Banks have become stronger in contributions

By results of the second quarter the moratorium on an exception of banks from system of insurance of contributions (SSV) was useful to 85 players against 75 banks using the moratorium in the first quarter, the statistics of the Central Bank testifies. Thus, real growth of number of financially unstable banks has appeared much below Central Bank forecasts in 100 or even 150 players for July, 1st. Crisis of a negative tendency can be time, experts warn. Serious growth of credit business practically is not present, and on results of the third quarter cancellation of privileges on reserves can render negative influence.
as has informed the director of department of licensing of activity and financial improvement of the credit organisations of Bank of Russia Michael Suhov, for July, 1st the number of banks which were kept in SSV only thanks to the moratorium on an exception of it, has made 85, having increased for the second quarter of all by ten banks. Such result is much better than the forecast of the Central Bank assuming growth of financially unstable banks in SSV to 100 and even of 150 players, and testifies to crisis of a negative tendency. So, from the beginning of introduction of the moratorium and until recently rates of increase of number of financially unstable banks among those who has the right to work with contributions of citizens, were stably high. For October, 1st, 2009 when the moratorium only has started to operate, such banks was 26, by January, 1st, 2010 their number has increased to 49, by April, 1st, 2010 - to 75.

the Moratorium on an exception of banks from SSV has been entered since September, 28th, 2009. Amendments to the law About insurance of contributions For the term up to December, 31st, 2010 have removed from Bank of Russia a duty to enter an interdiction for attraction of contributions to the banks breaking obligatory specifications and quantitative characteristics of financial stability (indicators of the capital, actives, liquidities and profitablenesses) within two quarters on end. From - for decrease in volumes of crediting in crisis, deterioration of credits and growth of reserves many banks began to show losses and, as consequence, have ceased to correspond to requirements on profitableness for participation in SSV.

a Significant amount of banks has improved the financial results in the second quarter, ascertain in the Central Bank. From 75 banks using the moratorium in the first quarter, in the second quarter 24 banks have shown profit and have dropped out from - under moratorium actions. Thus to 51 player who has remained under the influence of the moratorium 34 more banks which for July, 1st have shown losses two quarters on end have increased that, there will be no moratorium, would be the basis for their exception from SSV. However, in a zone of risk not all the banks using the moratorium, and all about 40 players who suppose aggravation of negative financial result, is specified by mister Suhov. the Other players keeping unprofitableness, gradually reduce losses - it has explained. Improvement of a situation with losses is shown also by last statistics of the Central Bank. For the second quarter losses of the banks entering into system of insurance of contributions, have grown slightly - with 21,1 mlrd to 24,3 mlrd rbl., number of unprofitable banks in SSV has increased with 104 for April, 1st to 111 for July, 1st.

Sharp decrease in rates of increase of financially unstable banks in SSV first of all is connected with liberation of reserves on possible losses on the courts, created at the height of crisis, participants of the market speak. banks actively restore reserves, and it improves their financial results - the first vice-president of the Moscow credit bank Vladimir Chubar speaks. Thus, correction of a situation with profitableness of banks partly has technical character, the head of department of the strategic analysis of Junikredit of bank Valery Injushin ascertains. Real growth of volumes of business on - former is not present, thus from - for decrease in rates under credits as a result of a competition for good borrowers the percentage margin, and with it and incomes of banks " has very strongly fallen; - it continues. So, for example, by results of the first half of the year decrease in percentage incomes of corporate crediting on 20 - 40 % were observed at half of banks from number a top - 20, and at some players reduction of percentage incomes has exceeded 50 % (see from July, 23rd).

Despite the positive statistics, uncertainty of a situation recognise and in the Central Bank. to change outlined positive tendency cancellation since July, 1st of indulgences for banks on reserves on possible losses under loans " can; - Michael Suhov speaks. However in figures will estimate influence of this factor on financial result of banks of the Central Bank only following the results of the third quarter. By its results the Bank of Russia should solve, prolong the moratorium on the next year or to return regulation in usual frameworks.

however, now banks concern possible cancellation of the moratorium not so is critical, as earlier. If any banks break requirements till the end of the year, it is an indicator of that their problems are too serious, and the moratorium will not solve them - the chief of retails Promsvjazbanka Egor Shkerin speaks. I think that as a whole it is not necessary to prolong the moratorium, and concerning separately taken banks individual decisions " can be made; - Vladimir Chubar concludes. Among such possible decisions representatives of the Central Bank some time ago named including change of the proprietor with more effective.