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Russians not so trust governors

the Majority of Russians are assured what to work as the governor one and too the person strictly limited term can. Also it will be even better if to restore direct elections of heads of regions. Such moods in a society have revealed during poll sociologists analytical Levada - the centre . A basis of these moods not so much democratic moods in a society, how many mistrust to the regional authorities.
that the governor, as well as the president, it is possible to be not longer two terms successively, 74 % interrogated " are assured; Levada - the centre . The Most part from them (44 %) consider that enough two terms for four years as it and was till 2005 when heads of regions were selected direct vote. 22 more % interrogated believe that it is possible to keep present five years` term to which now almost in all subjects of federation governors on representation of the president are appointed. And 8 % think that one term can be increased and till six years, times appointment of governors all the same depends on the president whom since 2012 will select for six years. the citizens are younger, the terms which they take away to governors " are shorter; - has explained the deputy director Levada - the centre Alexey Grazhdankin. Among the adult population is also such (11 %) for which termless powers of governors are optimum.

however, young Russians as it was found out, do not penetrate into regional problems more deeply governor`s terms. According to Alexey Grazhdankina, almost half (45 %) those who does not have 30 years, simply refused to answer, for example, questions on recent resignation of the president of Bashkiria Murtazy Rakhimov . The youth makes a basis of that third of Russians which find it difficult to tell something defined about the reasons of resignation of mister Rakhimov (30 %) or as - that to estimate the decision of the Bashkir parliament which guaranteed to the left president the lifelong maintenance and privileges (29 %). Sociologists reveal own opinion on events of similar level at Russians from 30 among which only 30 % interrogated consider that Murtaza Rakhimov has retired, because has reached age limit. And this reason unique from named, which it is possible to name positive . All others as mister Grazhdankin specifies, carry a negative shade . Intrigues and race for power in Bashkortostan (13 %), corruption scandals in republic (12 %), discontent of the federal authorities with Rakhimov`s activity on a post of the president of republic, infringements of laws of Russia (11 %) and another.

In the same way a negative shade prevails and in an estimation of lifelong guarantees which to Murtaze Rakhimov were presented by deputies of the Bashkir parliament. 22 % see in it arrangement of the corrupted authorities guaranteeing safety to one of the participants . So think in the majority, according to mister Grazhdankina, people rather young, vysokoobrazovannye, financially well-founded. The big part of Russians, as a whole without approving practice of the lifelong blessings for the state account, believe that for Murtazy Rakhimov it is a tribute and an exception to the rules (32 %). Normal such practice 17 % interrogated find only, which majority the needy.

actually negative shades speak about mistrust of citizens to the regional power which rating stably below a rating of federal institutes of the power. But also to the federal authority trust not so to recognise full subordination of regions to the centre. In particular, since 2005 as soon as direct governor`s elections have been cancelled, their supporters, Alexey Grazhdankin, " underlines; always was twice more than opponents . So, this July necessity of direct elections recognised 59,3 % interrogated, against - only 20 %.