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The Khimki wood has made noise at the White house

Yesterday the active workers protecting the Khimki wood from building of a line Moscow - St.-Petersburg, have transferred in the government of the Russian Federation the petition in which have demanded to stop realisation of this corruption project . During the action by militia it has been detained six persons. A state institution management Roads of Russia responsible cutting down in the Khimki wood, has promised to bring an action against active workers who disturb to a wood pulling down, and also to demand from them collecting of losses.
more than fifty persons from the organisations Ekooborona and the Left front have come yesterday to a building of the government of the Russian Federation. They have brought with themselves logs with inscriptions fire wood from the Khimki wood and the reference to the prime minister - to the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with the requirement to stop building of a high-speed line Moscow - St.-Petersburg. We ask to stop realisation of this corruption project, to create conditions for a choice of an optimum variant of placing of this highway - it is told in the reference text.

as informed on July, 20th, defenders of the Khimki wood have stopped its cutting down around the airport of the Sheremetyevo and have broken there a camp. They insist, that the line has been constructed along the October railway, without mentioning wood. Besides, active workers assert that the begun cutting down of trees is illegal - the consent to it has not given the government of Moscow, and wood is a part of a forest shelter belt of capital.

the action at the White house was interrupted with militiamen. They have detained six defenders of the Khimki wood. The Bailed chapter Ekozashchity Evgenie Chirikova nevertheless has transferred the reference of the deputy chief of department on work with references of citizens of the government of the Russian Federation to Sergey Kostjanovu.

FGU Roads of Russia Yesterday has asked to interfere with the conflict to ecologists law enforcement bodies. By words and. The island of the general director of the company Andrey Zhuravlyov, FGU will address in court with the claim about that its losses were compensated by defenders of wood. And the general director of Open Company ON the Heating engineer (the contractor of works on wood cabin) Alexander Semchenko has added that the organisation Inzhservis which the glade has been charged, debarred from building. Before its director Alexander Kazmirchuk spoke that workers will not bring down wood until there there are people. Now, according to mister Semchenko, the contract on performance of works is concluded with the company Lestorg . At them modern cars which do not demand presence of workers - he has explained. Builders insist that operate on the basis of the order signed by Vladimir Putin from November, 5th, 2009 according to which 144,8 hectares of wood are translated from the earths of wood fund in a category the earths of other special purpose for highway building .

Under initial plans of authorities of Moscow area the width of deforestation made from 1,5 km to 3 km. Under the existing project the width of a glade makes 100 metres under road and 150 more metres - under a roadside strip. Defenders of wood do not trust and in these figures, referring to decision N 992 city administration of Khimki. In it it is specified, how many the earth it will be taken away under objects of an infrastructure along a line, however the decision is the document for internal using as infringes on commercial interests of investors .

As shows the international experiment, at building of lines through wood trees cut down not in such scales. As have told in building department of a federal land Saxony - Anhalt (Germany), a glade for avtobanov usually makes 50 - 80 metres. In Finland the width of a glade does not exceed 9 - 13 metres, in Norway from 10 to 20 metres. In Canada and Australia the width of a roadside strip in wood cannot be more than 3 metres and if it is necessary for builder to clear a site more widely, he will be obliged to restore a large forest on other site. to our builders is unprofitable to cut wide glades, - has told the representative of the ministry of transport, innovations and technologies of Austria Fridrih Tsotter. - After all depending on value of wood, they should put new in double or even threefold volume from cut down .