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Forest fires have captured Voronezh the Context

Yesterday in suburbs of Voronezh fire from forest fires was threw on city constructions therefore has burnt down more than 100 houses. In the Left-bank forest area being near to Voronezhem the camp site " completely is destroyed; the Dewdrop and from the camps located in the neighbourhood 600 children are evacuated. From - for a power fire have been compelled to block temporarily journey on a federal line of M - 4 Don . To the settlement Maslovka entering into a city boundaries, fire has started to steal up on Wednesday, but the first apartment houses have flashed yesterday in ten o`clock in the morning. In settlement firemen have started fire suppression only in second half of day, but houses already actually burnt down at this time. It was found out that employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures all this time evacuated people from hospital N8 which also has appeared in fire captivity. From settlement evacuated nearby 200 persons who have placed in hotels. In the meantime, as have declared in the regional power companies, in the city from - for fires on transmission lines constant faults with supply of electricity therefore in settlements hydrants did not work were observed. About injured fires in militias and the Ministry of Emergency Measures yesterday did not inform. The preliminary amount of damage, put by a fire, can make 500 million rbl. Vsevolod Injutin, Voronezh