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Ecologists were sent on lesoposadku

On the night of Thursday by OMON fighters have smoothed out the next camp of defenders of the Khimki wood, having detained among other head of movement in protection of wood to Evgenie Chirikovu. Eight of ecologists have kept night in branch then all the day long judged, recognising law enforcement officers guilty of disobedience only one active worker. In the meantime the militia has got criminal case upon an attack on administration Himok, experts were connected to investigation from the centre on struggle against extremism. Observers are assured that power conflicts can repeat, if the authorities do not begin meaningful dialogue with the public.
before administration Himok has undergone to a touch of unknown persons ( informed on it yesterday), ecologists and townspeople supporting them have come to a cinema the Native land where company management the Heating engineer promised to hold a meeting with the public. On a cinema wall the announcement that the meeting is transferred - without date and place instructions hung. Active workers have gone to wood where several hours before have found out new cutting down about village Vashutino. There there was the strengthened group of the militia which have surrounded to the technician with a threefold ring - has told the leader the Left front Sergey Udaltsov. Active workers have pitched tents, by the night in wood there were nearby 20 persons. Among night the militia has pulled out all from tents, has accused of kindling of fires and has sent in a site. By noon ecologists have appeared in court. In eight evenings Elena Maksimova from movement the Moscow Council has been fined for 700 rbl. for disobedience to police officers, the judge has released the others. I do not think that camp liquidated from - for attacks on administration Himok, - mister Udaltsov speaks. - Militias to fabricate reports easier and to detain people, than to spend the night in wood . The bailed active workers on Thursday patrolled wood and have again fought with security guards in masks.

yesterday upon pogrom goradministratsii Himok investigatory management at the Department of Internal Affairs of the Khimki municipal area has filed criminal charges on ch. 2 items 213 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( the Hooliganism made by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement ) . According to attendants, the office of head of administration Himok Vladimir Strelchenko on which, obviously, it was conducted aim " has most of all suffered; fire : two frames have appeared literally pressed inside together with covers, and on a floor besides cobble-stones and bullets from the traumatic weapon heavy steel horseshoes rolled.

mister Strelchenko has informed that now it is in Krasnoyarsk where takes part in an auto racing Russian ring . According to the head of administration, it not is out for blood the attacking: it is necessary to Understand with those who has dissolved boys and with their help has organised this ugly action .

Of Department of Internal Affairs Himok are assured that the hooligan action has been directed not on protection of the Khimki wood, and on self-advertisement of one of extremist youth groupings . In spite of the fact that participants of the action hid the persons under masks, persons of many of them are already established - has told one of heads of Department of Internal Affairs Himok By data colleagues of militiamen situated near Moscow yesterday were connected to investigation from department on struggle against extremism of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow. They otsmotreli also have already learnt videorecordings of events among participants of the action of many of the wards . Thus the first had been interrogated mister Udaltsov. To me have brought the summons directly to wood and have taken away on interrogation, - he has told . - Though there is a set of witnesses that the Left front during pogrom was in wood .

According to observers, round building of a line Moscow - St.-Petersburg has passed the conflict in power opposition from - for unwillingness of authorities of Moscow area to begin constructive negotiations with the protesting. It is possible to name this situation a mode of a local absolutism, - the head of Institute of globalisation and social movements, the expert in the field of protest activity Boris Kagarlitsky has declared. - the Authorities of enough low level are not considered neither with environment, nor with the legislation, with public opinion. Moreover, they sometimes ignore also the authorities of higher level . The expert considers that new power conflicts are inevitable, as officials do not consider it necessary to go on dialogue with citizens. a manor Alekseevyh pulling down in Moscow, a thriller with a stopper on Leningradke - in these situations the public opinion also was ignored, - the mister Kagarlitsky considers. - the Authorities were not going to discuss with citizens the actions at all. Then it was possible to avoid open opposition, and here the Khimki administration has not carried . To the authorities of higher level, apparently, is unprofitable to lead up a situation to explosion of social intensity, - the mister Kagarlitsky speaks. - From them wait for real actions, dismissals of officials, but it is not present anything. Any actions from below Therefore begin. Actually active workers have tried to make that the Presidential Administration " should make with the Khimki mayoralty;.

Today the Public chamber of the Russian Federation will spend a round table with participation of all parties of the conflict: ecologists, representatives of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources, the government of Moscow Region, FGU Roads of Russia and the companies the Heating engineer .