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Chelyabinsk the liberal - democrats do not want to have legal proceedings with United Russia party members

As the co-ordinator of the Chelyabinsk regional branch of LDPR Oleg Golikov has told „“, the party will not address in court with the statement for deception of voters “ an United Russia “. As it was informed earlier, the LDPR was revolted with that United Russia party members placed in Chelyabinsk banners with symbolics of the party on which it has been written “ the salary to state employees " Is raised;. “ Really, on one of sessions the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk area has made the decision on increase in fund of payment of state employees on 10 %. Increase is planned since September, 1st, from the regional budget will be allocated about 750 million roubles. But this decision was accepted not only “United Russia“, and deputies among whom there are representatives of other parties “ - mister Golikov has noted. As he said, the LDPR was discussed by possibility to appeal against against action “ an United Russia “ In court, but as a result has refused judicial proceedings. “ we do not want, that all considered it next public relations - a LDPR course. To explain, whose it actually ideas and initiatives, we will be at meetings with inhabitants “ - the leader Chelyabinsk sotsial - democrats has noted.