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Igor Guberman, the writer, the poet: It is all very ridiculously, almost children`s pioneer games

- very ridiculous news has come from Russia. In Moscow, in the Kremlin the council presidium at the president on corruption counteraction has discussed and has approved the code of behaviour of state employees! On - to mine, it is all very ridiculously, almost children`s pioneer games. It as though and rats passed of the mouse the law that will not steal groats and cheese on kitchens. We already had code of builders of communism, Komsomol, pioneer oaths, all of them were read, all told. And they helped simply monstrously! By the way. In other life - in camps all was not so, they were in this respect the fair and open enterprise.

creation of such codes helps those who sits above once again to show office eagerness and diligence. And once again to laugh. All it has been described at Saltykova - Schedrin. It is obvious that officials live on bribes, and creation of such document with the main message be sacred - pure manilovshchina. All officials and above also will die laughing below, and any fools will be frightened and will take bribes in bolshej to secret, but is larger. It would be necessary to ask Naryshkin that to it brings in incomes, and what hours at it.