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“ Irkut “ will land on “ gidromashe “

Corporation “ Irkut “ will involve the Nizhniy Novgorod Open Society “ gidromash “ to realisation of the program of building srednemagistralnyh planes MS - 21. Analysts name this project backbone for all Russian aviation industry from - for high degrees of localisation of manufacture of these courts in the country, and also heightened interest from foreign partners. Malaysian Crecom Burj Resources Ltd. Has already ordered “ Irkutu “ such 50 courts for a total sum $3 billion By rough estimates of experts, the sum of the total developmental contract and delivery of details between “ Irkutom “ and “ gidromashem “ only within the limits of the Malaysian order can reach $50 million

that “ gidromash “ will participate in realisation of the civil-engineering design of courts MS - 21 „“ yesterday have told in corporation “ Irkut “ (Is the main executor of program MS - 21). Conditions of the signed agreement are not disclosed yet, now the parties are engaged in study of details of cooperation. In “ gidromashe “ the fact of signing of the document yesterday have not confirmed, however have noticed that release of details for srednemagistralnyh courts MS - 21 it will be valid to be carried out on their industrial platforms. Besides, the factory has already got support of the government of the Nizhniy Novgorod region for realisation of project MS - 21. At yesterday`s session the regional Legislative Assembly in two readings has confirmed the bill of granting to the enterprise of tax privileges for a total sum about 8 million rbl. Total amount of investments from outside “ gidromasha “ in project MS - 21 will make almost 100 million rbl.

the Civil-engineering design blizhne - srednemagistralnyh planes MS - 21 - joint working out of Open Society “ the YAK “ and Open Society “ SILT “ Rosaviakosmosa executed on the competitive task within the limits of the federal program of development of civil aircraft for the period till 2015. Program MS - 21 assumes release of family of the planes, different in the length of a fuselage and the calculated accordingly on 132, 156 on 132, 156 and 174 places. The first flight of plane MS - 21 is planned for 2014.

Open Society “ gidromash “ it is registered in 1993 on the basis of the enterprise based in 1805. One of the largest Russian manufacturers of the chassis, hydrocylinders and hydrounits for flying machines. The basic owner - president Vladimir Luzjanin. In 2009 the net profit has made about 146 million rbl. that in 13,8 times exceeds results of 2008. The enterprise gain has thus grown on 17,8 % - to 2,34 mlrd rbl.

the Civil-engineering design of courts MS - 21 has already drawn attention of the western partners. So, in July of this year on aviation salon “ Farnboro - 2010 “ Corporation “ Irkut “ and Malaysian Crecom Burj Resources Ltd. Have signed the contract in the total cost of $3 mlrd on delivery of 50 planes MS - 21. Within the limits of the agreement since 2016 25 planes MS - 21 - 200 (150 places) and 25 MS - 21 - 300 (181 place) will be put the Malaysian party.

Branch analysts name program MS - 21 backbone for all Russian aviation industry. “ execution of the contract with the Malaysian party without failures and in full will pour in life in all aviation industry of the country as the project of the plane and announced degree of localisation of its manufacture (over 50 %) will provide with work of domestic suppliers of all levels of cooperation up to fundamental science establishments “ - the expert of the Center of the analysis of strategy and technologies Konstantin Makienko considers. “ When business will reach serial deliveries, “Gidromash“ will receive stable volume of orders in enough long time prospect, - the head of analytical department of agency “Aviaport“ Oleg Panteleev is assured. - Taking into account that the factory already strongly takes positions of the supplier not only for domestic aviabuilders, but also the foreign companies, the contract with “Irkutom“ can become also means of a diversification of the manufacture, providing worthy loading of capacities of the enterprise “.

According to a source close to negotiations, the sum of the total developmental contract and delivery of details between “ Irkutom “ and “ gidromashem “ only within the limits of the Malaysian order can reach $50 million Thus as the experts mark, the given sum not a limit. “ besides the agreement with Crecom Burj Resources Ltd. On „Farnboro - 2010“ has been signed 40 more reports on intention to get vessels MS - 21. Besides, in September signing of the report with state corporation “Πξρςευνξλξγθθ“ on delivery of 50 liners of this model " is expected; - Oleg Panteleev speaks.