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In public places in capital, and already and in a province it is possible to meet young men with a black cloak on shoulders, in black leather trousers, in black boots with high tops and metal inserts in heels. And on a neck at them the cross or a skull usually hangs. On appearance it is clear that before us typical got. Gotha is known for the adherence to kladbishchenskoj, vampirskoj to an aesthetics. Occurrence date it is ready it is considered to be 1979 - group Bauhaus single " then was published; Bela Lugosi`s Dead . After film The Hunger ( Hunger ) - About two modern vampires who suck blood, without biting through a throat of a victim, and doing a cut by a knife in shape ankha (the Egyptian symbol of eternal life), ankh a symbol it became ready, used and until now. In the clothes goty use also Christian symbolics in the form of usual crucifixions. The cross - St. Jacob`s knife is popular. Gotha uses also the Celtic crosses and ornaments. From occult symbolics - pentagrams (usual and turned), the turned crosses, eight-final stars (chaos symbols). Gotha wears clothes and ornaments with grobikami, skulls, bats. It is clear that in usual shops you will not find such strange things. There are special shops with Gothic attributes. Not so it is a lot of them, but as their owners have told, they are profitable enough - about 100 buyers in a week. One shops of Gothic clothes trade only on the Internet, but is also such which have the points in a city. Many of owners of these shops began the business in 2006 - 2007. Then, they remember, the shop with Gothic attributes could be found. Owners of such shops - the young men, some when - that were gotami or had friends - is ready, and as at that time the Gothic goods were difficult for finding, they and have decided to earn on this deficiency. In the catalogue of shop of the Gothic goods - not less than 200 - 300 names: it is clothes, footwear, costume jewellery (ornaments with drevneegipetskoj, Christian, Celtic symbolics, most widespread of them ankh - a cross with a loop), ware, wedding dresses in Gothic style, smoking accessories, napulsniki, cosmetics. Suppliers - factories to Great Britain, the USA, Germany. As the owner of shop Pokoynoe has told. ru, at first carried the goods under the order, and there was then a representative who sends us the goods . Some shops for it is ready have the dealers in other cities of Russia - in Rostov, St.-Petersburg, Stavropol. half of consumers at us not goty, and usual people - the owner of one such shop admitted.

the prices for the goods the diversified: pastes on rouble for a piece, vests on the average on 1200 rbl., and from the most expensive goods - the glasses decorated with semiprecious stones (12 500 rbl. for a piece), outer clothing and footwear from 10 - 15 thousand rbl.

In some shops approximately 10 % of the goods can be carried to style emo. Emo buy the goods or in shops for it is ready, or in skejtshopah as specialised shops with clothes for emo while are not present.