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Money for Dashi Vahraevoj is collected. Thanks!

on July, 30th in on rusfond. ru, in to the Newspaper. ru and on a radio site Echo Moscow we have published history of Dashi Vahraevoj from Leningrad region ( Long-awaited Victor Kostjukovsky). To the girl from a sort year and three months, at it insufficiency of a marrow, mielodisplastichesky a syndrome, and rescue in transplantation of healthy deckman cages from the unrelated donor. And after change of Dashe medicines for the prevention of infectious complications be required. Now all necessary sum (1 282 052 rbl.) On search of the donor and on medicines it is collected. Vahraevy thank readers for kindness and generosity. We will necessarily inform in about search results of the donor and transplantation. Thanks!
and here still news.

are paid: operations concerning a congenital heart disease of Dane Ljukinu (4 years, 191 196 rbl., Udmurtiya), to Egor Schiller (1 year, 133 600 rbl.) and Katya ShChukinoj (7 years, 186 600 rbl.) from Altay territory; treatment of a children`s cerebral paralysis in cost of 136 thousand rbl. to Egor Dondukov (3 years, the Nizhniy Novgorod region), to Maxim Moloshenko (3 years) and Ane Floral (4 years) from Krasnodar territory; cheljustno - obverse operations to Arina Nechipurenko (9 months, 170 thousand rbl., the Kaliningrad region) and to Vlad Sorochinsky (11 years, 85 thousand rbl., Novosibirsk region); treatment kosolaposti Poline Palchevsky (1 year, 84 thousand rbl., the Vologda region) Treatment sindaktilii fingers of a hand of Tihonu Rich (6 months, 140 800 rbl., Moscow); treatment imperfect osteogeneza to Yana Tihonovoj (7 years, 210 thousand rbl., the Yaroslavl region).

It is sent: 424 314 rbl. on medicines Vick Dolgovoj (10 years, sharp mieloblastnyj lejkoz) and 196 932 rbl. to Alla Kozhevnikovoj (11 years, sharp limfoblastnyj lejkoz) from Krasnodar territory.

have helped: Welfare fund Russian gift of life and a help Society to Russian children, Alexey, Olga, Edward (all - the USA), Katerina, Tatyana, the Novel (all - Great Britain), Evgenie, Maria, Olga (all - Germany), Alina (Latvia), Xenia (Czechia), Vasily Poljakov, Feodosiya, Oksana, Veronica, Evgenie, Igor, Konstantin, the Novel (all - Ukraine), Alexey (Altay territory), Guzel, Natalia (both is Bashkiria), Sergey, Sofia (both is the Volgograd region), Pavel (the Voronezh region) Irina (Kareliya), Svetlana (Mary El), Belief and Vladimir (the Kaluga region), Victor (Krasnodar territory), Artem (Krasnoyarsk region), Michael (Lipetsk region), Ekaterina, Olga (both is the Nizhniy Novgorod region), Evgenie, Ivan (both is Novosibirsk region), Evgenie (Primorski Territory), Joint-Stock Company Tjumengeoproekt Konstantin from Noyabrsk (all - the Tyumen region), Konstantin, Pavel, Evgenie, Tatyana, Olesya (all - Sverdlovsk region), Alexander, Andrey, Svetlana, Sergey, Emil (it are Tatarija), Dmitry (the Ulyanovsk region), Alla (Khabarovsk territory), Oksana (HMAO), Natalia (the Chelyabinsk region) Welfare fund Advita Open Company the Author Alexander, two Andreys, Arsene, Arseny, George, Ekaterina, Igor, Konstantin, Ruslan, two Julia, Alexey (all - Petersburg), Joint-Stock Company the Company the TransTV set a group of companies Renova welfare fund Our initiative the companies M.Video company LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics (Russia), company OSAO Ingosstrah Open Company Koralajn Engineering Maria Filatova and Vladimir Bagrov, Damir, four Alexanders, seven Alexeys, two Anastass, five Andreys, Elena Viktorovna, two Annas, Andrey and Olga, Anton, Alexey Remizov, Veniamin, Natasha, Artem, two Valerys, Valery, Phillip, Belief, Veronica, Evgenie, two Vladimirs, two Maxims, two Vladislavs, Greta, Is given, three Deniss, five Dmitrys, two Evgenies, two Ekaterinas, five Elenas, two Ivans, two Leonids, two Ilya, Igor, four Irinas, Gulnara, Karina, four Konstantin, Christina, two Nikolays, Xenia, Larissa, Alexey and Julia, Ljubava, Marina and Dima, Margarita, Maria, Michael, Nikita, Oksana, Olesya, Elizabeth, Oleg, four Olgas, two Natalias, Pavel, Avel Alekseevich, Polina, Andrey, Ravil, Alexander Dmitrievich, the Rose, the Novel, Ruslan, Alexander Vladimirovich, Svetlana, five Sergeys, five Tatyanas, Toomas, three Julia, two Yurys, Jan, 5296474, superjohnstick (all - Moscow).


Full text of the report is published on rusfond. ru.