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Sadovo - jazz association

Cataclysms round Moscow and in her, smoke content, a heat if interfere with organizers of annual jazz festival in the open air, not so that it to cancel or transfer. So, festival in a garden the Hermitage will pass in the thirteenth time, and words in the open air are perceived now as it is impossible more sharply. If there is air also the jazz will be apprehended as should. Well and the festival program as a whole will be usual. Only, as well as last year, shorter, than before: each of three days will contain only on four branches.

a jazz in a garden the Hermitage as action for fans to have a rest and relax, for those who listens to pleasant music, walking or absorbing food, and also for for a long time won, devoted public loving an old kind jazz checked up in the years, this year, as usual, will please all. Necessary niches are filled. Female singing - here it should be obligatory: and ours (Alina Rostotsky with ensemble Jazz Mobile, Anna Buturlin as the special visitor big - benda Orfej under control of Igor Kantjukova), and American (Sharon Clark with a quartet of remarkable Moscow pianist Evgenie Grechishcheva). Want jazz manouche, a guitar swing, a heritage of great Dzhango Rejnhardta - receive (Alexey Badjanova`s quintet). Visitors from Poland are traditional - this country was many years for domestic jazzmen and fans a window in the big world: this time there will arrive worldly-wise saxophonist Adam Vendt with unusual structure under name Power Set (a saxophone - keys - drums). Last years somebody delivers also Austria, in this niche there can be something unexpected, and this the ensemble of the saxophonist and a bass - clarinettist Ulriha Drekslera becomes unexpected. This musician collects a quartet with two violoncellos and east drums, unites with the Turkish singer and pianist Selen Gjuljun, and in the project which it will show in Moscow, addresses to not to the most popular in a garden the Hermitage to a direction nu jazz, to a jazz with participation of electronics and elements of modern styles, also on electronics zameshennyh.

Here only the Latin American jazz as that this year will not be, unless an impregnation in someone`s performance. Will be but American: as it is accepted at festival, masterovitye the soloists who are not concerning an assembly stars or legends, but unconditional professionals, will act with support of domestic musicians. Saxophonist Greg Tardi - from a trio of drummer Evgenie Rjabogo (with the assistance of the bright trumpeter Vitaly Golovneva working in the USA), and trumpeter Jeremiah Pelt left on the ending - with ensemble of pianist Jacob Okunja which many years expose in the company to visiting masters. This time and the drummer in this structure will be American - Donald Edwards who already repeatedly came to Russia.

if Americans answer mainly for a jazz mainstream without special dainties from some our musicians nevertheless it is possible to wait for something and not entered in genre frameworks. The bass - guitarist Alex Rostotsky with the " is that, for example; the Jazz - a bass - theatre : he likes to add to a musical component something else, whether it be recitation or drawing on glass by means of coffee; however, and without ekstramuzykalnyh injections Rostotsky`s music is always non-standard. And the Nobody`s quartet young Petersburg saxophonist Leonid Sendersky too plays compositions which to a descent to what you will not carry, but they sound thus it is unusually fresh and it is natural.

a garden the Hermitage 20 - on August, 22nd