Rus News Journal

Mother Liza Golikova

More recently my children have found out that they different. Earlier it almost was not felt. They were born in one day with a difference two minutes, and they did not have occasions about it to reflect. Fedja, of course, during any moment has learnt that it the boy, and Cooking - the girl. But that stands up for a difference in these sets of letters, it it was hardly clear.

when children were absolutely - absolutely small, the difference between them was obvious only adult. It was huge: they on - to a miscellaneous looked at this world and used opposite tools for its knowledge. Fedja demanded from the validity surrounding it and adults of constant and absorbing attention, support and the help. And Cooking, on the contrary, all rejected it, it liked to count only on herself. They on - to a miscellaneous slept, on - to a fur-tree miscellaneous, on - to a miscellaneous cried, laughed, afflicted and rejoiced.

- and why they such different? - The strange question arising, truth, at all who learns that they are twins. The answer not less strange. Different people. Different characters.

but for Cook also Fedi all it it was absolutely unevident. They wore similar clothes, drank from identical small bottles, fur-trees from similar plates, sat on identical pots and both of them then did not brush. When at Cook ringlet branches, I have suggested it to braid a plait. It each time pulled off an elastic band from hair: And Fede?

- I am a boy. Plaits and bows are not necessary to me, is standard Fedin the answer if he wants from something to refuse under a pretext which seems to it proved enough. And as Fede it is peculiar to refuse at first that offer it, he says this phrase several times in day. Finishing not less traditional for itself I am simple Fedja .

Cooking perceives a difference among themselves and the brother with exclusive benefit. It seems to it that this difference by all means should be in its advantage. It was necessary to it to hear once casually someone told girls should concede it uses now this argument everywhere. It always the first washes, the first sits down in the car, the first rolls down from a hill. If Fedja does not concede, Cooking, apparently, sincerely is surprised.

- Fed, I the girl, and it is necessary to concede to girls.

and in most cases it works.

and now it has still appeared that between them the whole precipice of considerable differences in characters, habits, desires, temperament is formed, and is simple in a life.

- mums, can, we will go where - nibud? - Usually asks Cooking in the morning. She likes to travel. Where, it is unimportant - the next park, a cable car on Vorobevyh, Peter or a children`s train in Kratovo. It is difficult and boring to it to remain at home. About it there is an invariable discussion with Fedej.

- Mums, and give we will better sit at home? - He asks. For it there is nothing better, than to bury in lots of toys and books in a nursery. It can proceed the whole hours.

but in disputes with Varej it uses too artless arguments.

- Var, and you know, the rain in the street will soon go. It is better to remain houses. Give?

- Fed, in the street is clear, and in case the rain will go, mum has bought to you a new umbrella, - Cooking has got used to defend the positions, it will not surrender so simply, I know.

in some minutes:

- Mums, and truth, what at us in the car comes to an end gasoline, and the gasoline tank truck to Moscow yet has not reached?

- Fed, in Moscow is a lot of refuellings, do not worry, - Cooking advances any my answer.

- and I have rubbed yesterday a foot and I can not go anywhere now, - and it was too obvious lie.

- mum takes you on hands, - Cooking on - former did not surrender.

Already near an entrance door of Fedja has just in case told:

- Var, well and suddenly we will lose keys?

- suddenly.

- So, can, we remain?

she loves strawberry ice-cream, and it - vanilla. She will prefer cutlets, and it - a chocolate pie. It likes mint tooth-paste, to it - fruit. He loves animated cartoons, and it - books. He is not afraid to go for a drive on attractions, and it - on a pony. He likes to echo in car U2, and she - to listen to a jazz. She draws in an album the princess, and it - a dragon.

but if Cooking uses the a miscellaneous exclusively potrebitelski, Fedja tries to get to the bottom of an essence. Therefore all associates were interrogated on a subject And you the girl? You carry heels? And moustaches and a beard? You use the razor? I am a boy, whether so it what to carry heels to me it is not necessary?

Hundreds questions and hundred answers proceeded until Fedja has not met the girl. Her name is Alisa. To it about a year, and Fedja looks after last weeks it, more than ever and for anybody before. Questions have stopped. Answers have begun. He answers it, though it about what its sense is not able to ask. It learns it to speak, eat, go, tells about planets and letters. Yesterday he has embraced her. Strong, for shoulders:

- You know, expensive, we with you different, but why - that identical. I here yet do not understand, but I will soon understand why.

Alisa that day has learnt to go, and Fedja was so to it is glad that, I believe, has more got confused, than has understood.