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“ the Fantasy “ debts are no

by Check of legality of building of shopping centre “ the Fantasy “ has not given an occasion to criminal case excitation. In July one of municipal officials has asked the area Municipal Department of Internal Affairs to understand with events of five years` prescription, in the statement having informed that the builder “ Start - the System “ till now has not transferred into the budget almost 100 million rbl. as the investment contribution on development of an engineering infrastructure. However during check it was found out that the legislation the city administration in 2005 zachla on account of a share of a city of an expense of Open Company " does not provide such deductions, and; Start - the System “ on development of two ground areas. The company has refused them after meetings of inhabitants and pressure of plenipotentiary representation - one of sites on Zelensky congress has been transferred the Nizhniy Novgorod diocese under temple building.

As have told „“ in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Nizhniy Novgorod region, check of circumstances of building TTS “ the Fantasy “ spent under the statement of the director of city department of architecture and Michael Romanycheva`s town-planning, has come to the end and has shown that any crime in actions of the builder of Open Company “ Start - the System “ it has not been established. Excitation of criminal case to the applicant it has been refused.

according to the source „“ in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the area, wished to remain not named, mister Romanychev has applied to check up events of five years` prescription, having specified that in city budget from the builder of Open Company “ Start - the System “ the investment payment in development of an engineering infrastructure of Nizhni Novgorod - according to the applicant till now has not arrived, the company should list not less than 100 million rbl. (certain percent from design - budget cost of shopping centre more than 2 mlrd rbl.) .

During check employees of management on tax crimes of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs have established that an investment payment, or so-called “ a city share “ is voluntary and its payment is not regulated by any federal and regional acts.

“ Besides, in 2005 the city administration has concluded from Open Company „Start - the System“ the agreement on clearing of this share on account of the expenses suffered by the company after refusal of rent of two ground areas on Zelensky congress and street of Dobrolyubov where it was planned to build apartment houses. On Zelensky to congress then there was a conflict to a diocese which asked this earth under temple building, and against building on brovke a ravine inhabitants of the next houses protested. As municipal employees have explained, „Start - the System“ long disagreed to terminate lease contracts of sites, courts about it administration have been lost, and the plenipotentiary representation was connected to influence on administration - on the eve of the first celebrating of Day of national unity arrival of the president of Russia and the patriarch and a question with church building on November, 4th, 2005 was expected got political sounding “ - the police officer has informed.

as a result “ Start - the System “ has refused the ground areas in favour of a diocese (now on Zelensky congress the church of Kazan Bozhiej of mother is under construction - „“), has buried a foundation ditch on Dobrolyubov`s street, and municipality zachel expenses for preparation of sites and designing of habitation on account of a city share under the investment project on street Rodionova where subsequently and has been constructed “ the Fantasy “. “ In our opinion, here there is no crime event as the nobody`s rights have not been broken. The applicant who has considered that has been caused to the city budget a damage, has explained that last two years worked in department of town-planning and did not know about administration and builder clearing “ - the interlocutor „“ has concluded.

Michael Romanychev was inaccessible yesterday to comments, now it is in holiday. In municipality declared that they do not have any information on this check, do not exclude, however, that it there could be a personal initiative of the official. In turn head of a group of companies “ Capital - Bottom “ owner TTS “ the Fantasy “ Oleg Sorokin has informed „“ that does not understand sense of the reference of the municipal official in militia. “ if it operated on behalf of administration such statements the mayor if as the citizen - it is not clear, should sign what relation it had to shopping centre building. If you do not like “Fantasy“ - do not go to it “ - the businessman has noted, having added that not especially worried concerning check.