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A dream without shareholders

the President of republic Rustem Hamitov has last night entered online correspondence with the deceived shareholders of Ufa. About 4 hours shareholders have laid out in its blog on site Livejournal. com the video reference with the request to take a problem under personal control. Mister Hamitov has reacted to the comment in some minutes, having promised next week to hold meeting on this theme. According to experts, the blog of the head of republic is perceived by citizens as more effective way of the decision of problems, than a power vertical.
the deceived shareholders of Ufa the day before have laid out the video reference in which asked " in a blog of the president of republic Rustema Hamitova at night; to understand in a situation with building of houses in microdistrict Inors. In the roller which has been written down on the amateur chamber, one of shareholders has read to the president the letter in which has informed that in 2008 - 2009 they have got under the city social program as sequence Apartments along the street Balandin, number of houses 7 - and and 7-. As appears from a roller, apartments were made out through administrations of areas of Ufa, in the financing scheme have been involved housing - memory co-operative society Housing construction 2 and State Unitary Enterprise housing construction Fund . Building of houses should come to the end till the end of 2009, but as authors of the reference have noted, since November of last year has practically stopped. Shareholders have demanded from the president to understand why the mayoralty of Ufa has entrusted to build their habitation of the company which as they consider, has bad reputation . In particular, they have reminded, the director of firm - the builder of Open Company ZHilstrojkomplektsnab Zufar Ajupov appeared in the criminal case raised one year ago upon plunder of means at building of a mosque under the prospectus of Salavat of Yulaev ( informed on it on May, 20th, 2009). Visitors of a presidential blog have notified the head of republic that since May in ZHilstrojkomplektsnabe procedure of external supervision is entered. Thus, they are assured, the arbitration managing director it is not interested in enterprise improvement. Shareholders have regarded reaction of administration of Ufa to their references as indifferent having noted thus, what exactly guarantees of the city power were solving at purchase of apartments .

the Second letter to a presidential blog was written by shareholders of microdistrict Solar which have informed on intention to leave today on a protest action to a building of the republican government. the paid press and owners of building say lies that all is normal - they have written in a presidential diary, having added that building of houses should come to the end in 2006, but half of skeletons is ready only.

Both records have appeared in comments on page of mister Hamitova nearby 4 ch mornings. And in some minutes the president of republic has answered visitors, having written that considers a theme of the deceived shareholders one of the hardest problems also promised to understand . the Mayoralty of Ufa swears that process has gone i.e. on a number of objects building has begun, or proceeds. I will hold next week meeting on the deceived shareholders - the head of region has written, having explained that has already given the order vitse - to prime minister Sergey Afonin to prepare all information .

Vitse - the mayor of Ufa Rashit Sattarov supervising sphere of building, has commented on a problem of the deceived shareholders on recent a press - conferences. As he said, today in a city 17 problem objects are: on 10 of them the decision is found, on five houses the city has addressed for the help to the head of republic. Thus mister Sattarov recognised that does not consider the Ufa shareholders deceived . At us a problem of not deceived shareholders where there are double sales of apartment, and simply having razed building terms - he has told. As he said, together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs the mayoralty finds the decision on a problem of building of microdistrict Green coast (the builder of Open Company the Geosystem ) : the Situation with these houses not so is sad, as it seems . He has promised within a month to find on object of the investor. Microdistrict Solar at which building by victims are recognised more than 900 persons, under forecasts of mister Sattarova, it will be completed by 2011. He also has told that the house which was built by the company Bair (its management appears today in criminal case about plunder of means of shareholders. - ), it is transferred other contractor - the SOU - 10. On objects IK Open space works as the SOU - 4 which builds microdistrict Pushkin . The investor is at a stage of the conclusion of the contract. The investor for dostraivanija at home along the street Ahmetov " is found also; - has added vitse - the mayor.

as to houses in Inorse about whom shareholders mister Sattarov named the reason of failure of terms of building " have written to the president; bankruptcy of the enterprise . He also has informed that upon infringements at building of houses in microdistricts the Seventh sky and the Cascade criminal cases in which the amount of damage exceeding 200 million of rbl. Besides, as appears are raised was found out, in republic capital there are houses not clearly whose - for example, in the street Charles Marx, opposite to the House of trade unions where, by words vitse - the mayor, it is revealed a considerable quantity of double sales . the Earth was made out on one builder, that renewed on another, and we can not find the ends - he has noted. In Ufa mister Sattarov has estimated total number of the deceived shareholders in 1,9 thousand persons.

the co-ordinator of group of shareholders Solar Alexey Pankratev has declared yesterday that on meeting to the White house leave 50 ufimtsev. Having written to a presidential blog, we not especially count that Rustem Hamitov personally leaves to us and something will promise. We simply want, that the authorities have ceased to react to this problem in style ah - jaj - jaj also have undertaken any concrete actions - he has noted.

a total sum of the damage put by builders to townspeople, shareholders estimate in 1 mlrd rbl. ( told about it on June, 1st).

we Will notice that for two weeks of existence of a presidential blog in it has appeared more than 6 thousand comments. Experts connect popularity of a network diary of the head of republic with low level of trust of people to a regional imperious vertical. According to the deputy of State meeting of Bashkiria Oleg Polstovalova, the diary of the president became more effective way to declare about problems and to solve them, than the reference in recently opened public reception head of republic or any other structures which as obliges urged to solve problems of citizens . If mister Hamitov shows political will, at shareholders, certainly, there are chances at least to have moral satisfaction of that guilty of their drama will punish - mister Polstovalov considers.

According to the head of regional programs Fund of development of an information policy Alexander Kyneva, popularity of a presidential blog is connected with effect of novelty and a tendency to an openness of the power which in Bashkiria never was . the Former republican elite has always been closed is information, and people lived hearings. Now the head of republic has declared intention to conduct a policy a vowel, and people were pulled to dialogue - he considers. Thus, the expert, " considers; if reactions of the power to the maintenance of messages in a blog will not follow, interest to it will be gone as quickly, as well as has arisen .