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The deputy has not waited the business offer

the Deputy of the Legislative Assembly, one of critics of the operating provincial power Vadim Chebykin is afraid that concerning it criminal case can be brought. According to the oppositionist, it was twice interrogated in regional SOU SKP within the limits of check of legality of use of the ground area of pool “ Olympia “. Inspectors interested, why it, being the director of sport centre, did not pay for rent of the municipal ground area. From law enforcement bodies it connects interest with the political activity. In the SOU to the statement of the deputy were surprised. According to management, the decision about refusal in criminal case excitation has been taken out last week.
yesterday a member of deputy group of Legislative Assembly “ Solidarity “ Vadim Chebykin on a press - conferences has told that last week has been twice interrogated in investigatory management of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation. As he said, the SOU interested, why mister Chebykin, being the director of sport centre “ Olympia “ did not pay for rent of the municipal earth. “ I have answered that my problem personally was in constructing a sports complex, instead of to take money from the budget and to direct back to the city budget on account of rent. In board of directors “Olympia“ two persons were from a management of the Perm edge and two - from a municipal duma. They incurred responsibility for rent cancellation for the earth, but there it has turned out nothing “ - Vadim Chebykin has explained. The former councillor of directors “ Olympia “ Alexander Besfamilnyj representing interests of the mayoralty of Perm, has informed „“ that does not remember that such question rose.

also, according to mister Chebykina, the inspector interested, under what circumstances contracts of subrent with adjacent objects - an apartment house, hotel Hilton, office centre have been concluded. “ Ostensibly there was no coordination with department of property relations. But if was not, to them would not authorise for building! “ - mister Chebykin was perplexed. He does not doubt that SOU actions are connected with its oppositional activity: “ to Live in the Perm edge, to be in opposition and not to receive such pressure it would be strange “. According to the deputy, “ criminal case will raise with probability of 99 % “.

Open Company SK “ Olympia - Perm “ - the sport centre in microdistrict Balatovo, has the Olympic pool. 78,64 % of shares belong to regional agency on management of property, 21,36 % - to department of property relations of Perm. A gain in 2008, it agree “ SPARK - Interfax “ - 126 million rbl., net profit - 5,4 million rbl.

In the SOU „“ have confirmed that Vadim Chebykin was really interrogated by the senior inspector of department on investigation of especially important criminal cases about crimes against the government and in sphere of economy Alexander Mungalovym in frameworks dosledstvennoj checks in which course legality of use of the ground area of sport centre " was studied; Olympia “. According to the interlocutor „“, the inspector talked to set of people, and the deputy was interrogated only because earlier held a post of the head of sport centre. Thus in the SOU have noticed what to find out signs of structure of a crime during check it was not possible, therefore the decision about refusal in criminal case excitation on August, 6th, 2010 has been taken out.

the source familiar with a situation has told „“ that others a top - managers “ Olympia “ supervising by a society after mister Chebykina, a consequence were not interrogated. One of the former managers SK, asking about anonymity, has informed that after leaving of mister Chebykina the sport centre management began to pay rent, and in 2007, after the repayment of the ground area at the mayoralty, - the ground tax.

“ it is strange, why Vadim Chebykin has decided to tell about dialogue with the inspector right now, - the interlocutor „“ was surprised, - check was spent at all concerning it, and upon the message on a crime “. However, Vadim Chebykin has declared that about the decision about refusal in excitation of criminal case it does not know. “ It is good news, but nobody notified me on it, any very muddy history turns out “ - the deputy has concluded.