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Granular way

From the beginning of summer in Prikamye the prices for groats and a flour have grown twice. According to official figures mintorga the Perm edge, the price continue to grow every week. Among the reasons name not only an emergency situation in connection with a drought, but also the artificial agiotage created round this problem. In check of validity of rise in prices for products the federal antimonopoly service which has suspected arrangement between sellers for the purpose of increase of own profit already is engaged.
the rise in prices for grain and a flour, since June of this year, has made approximately 50 %. According to the Ministry of Trade of the government of the Perm edge, the price for the grain continue to grow. So, only for the last week the price for a flour has grown for 14 copeck and has made 12,83 rbl. for kg, buckwheat has risen in price for 1,40 rbl. (38,32 rbl. for kg), potato cost for a week has grown for 68 copeck and has made 22,73 rbl. for kg.

the Rise in prices for articles of food, in particular on groats and a flour, is observed practically in all regions of Russia. It is provoked by a drought, from - for which in all regions of the Central Russia, the Volga region, Ural Mountains, Siberia the emergency situation mode has been declared. In Prikamye mode CHS “ in connection with a current situation connected with  destruction and damage of crops of agricultural crops as a result of a drought “ has been declared on August, 5th. As informed a press - service of the governor of edge, first of all problems have concerned manufacturers of grain and vegetables. The area of victims from a drought of agricultural crops in agricultural productions, at a rough guess, has made 26,2 thousand in hectare or 7,6 % from an area under crops of 2010. Thus, agricultural commodity producers, under the estimated data, can receive less to 40 % from the planned total gathering of grain and to 45 % - a potato.

the councillor of directors of Open Society “ The Perm flour-grinding factory “ Evgenie Vilhovetsky has informed that for two months the price for grain has grown twice. “ the prices for a flour grow from - for grains. If in May the grain ton cost 4 thousand rbl., now - to 8 thousand rbl. for ton “ - the mister Vilhovetsky explains. The tendency to growth has appeared after the drought which have begun in regions, grain whence is exported, the miller believes. It is a question of the Omsk region, republics Bashkortostan and Udmurtiya. “ at us a situation with weather not the heaviest. But in Prikamye it is made not so a lot of grain “ - the representative of flour-grinding factory speaks. From - for a current situation in shops of Prikamye basically there was only a flour of the Perm flour-grinding factory and Chelyabinsk “ Makfy “: “ But requirements are completely satisfied, the flour is in all shops, a situation not critical “ - the mister Vilhovetsky has noticed.

According to the general director of Open Society “ Pokrovsk bread “ Alexey Suruleva, the price for a flour has grown on 85 %, since June. Besides a drought, the speculative phenomena in the market and not clear situation on a definitive crop in Russia became the important factors which have affected a rise in prices, the baker assures. “ the definitive data on a crop will be known only in second half of September when the crop will be collected by regions of Siberia “ - mister Surulev has specified. While the rise in prices for a flour has not affected cost of bakery products. “ except commercial, we carry out also social function. Therefore we have no right to answer with rise in prices for momentary influences of the market “ - the general director " has noted; Pokrovsk bread “. It predicts increase of cost of bread by October within 5-10 %. Alexey Surulev has reminded that the price for bakery products did not raise since April, 2008.

trading networks also notice that for two months suppliers have risen in the price for 50 %. In particular, it concerns the prices for a flour and buckwheat. “ suppliers warn that the prices will grow and further “ - have informed in a press - the centre of a trading network “ Vivat “. In the company also have specified that cost of other agricultural cultures has not changed yet. However if to compare to last year reduction of price on a potato at this time was already observed. This year the potato price does not change yet.

with a rise in prices for groats and grain management of federal antimonopoly service on the Perm edge has already become interested in a situation. As Alla Lebedev has explained the chief of department of control in commodity markets UFAS on the Perm edge, now department inspects under statements of inhabitants of Perm and one of large manufacturers of bread in Prikamye. Besides, department does inquiries in shopping centres to find out, whether there was an arrangement between sellers on unreasonable rise in prices for groats and a flour. If the arrangement fact is revealed, the antimonopoly law provides heavy fines - from 1 to 15 % of a gain.