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and the inspector of state drug enforcement -

Zamglavy SKP at Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia Vasily Piskarev has raised in bribe reception on materials dosledstvennoj checks of SOU SKP across Bashkiria criminal case concerning the inspector of the second department of investigatory service UFSKN of Russia across Bashkiria, the captain of police 28 - summer Edward Galimjanova. As Svetlana Abramova has told yesterday the senior assistant administrator SKP, mister Galimjanov is suspected of the commission of crime, the provided item in ch. 4 items 290 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (the reception of a bribe interfaced to extortion).

Under the version of the investigation, in March - August, 2010 the inspector repeatedly extorted a bribe from the spouse of the in custody man accused of sale of narcotics. On August, 10th this year he has been detained by employees republican UFSB with polichnym at reception of the rest of illegal compensation at a rate of 130 thousand rbl. Threatening to bring to the man accusation in fulfilment more grave crime, Galimjanov has illegally received from his wife of 250 thousand rbl., madam Abramova has noted.