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River transportations will prolong to shipyard

the Petersburg project of regular carriages by water causing sceptical estimations at operators, will have development not only in the form of new routes, but also will involve in a city of the Nizhniy Novgorod investor. Shipyard EK Marine together with the Petersburg carrier of Open Company “ MBS “ plans to create in Petersburg manufacture on assemblage of boats which would provide Petersburg and even the foreign market. The city administration perceives this initiative optimistically, and experts ambiguously. That is remarkable, vessels of the Nizhniy Novgorod manufacturer have been urgently recommended by a city for the companies applying for realisation of transportations of passengers.

yesterday Valentina Matvienko within the limits of working meeting concerning development of water regular transport which henceforth officially is called “ Akvabus “ has declared that the project “ has surpassed all expectations “ And consequently in the following navigation will necessarily receive continuation. For the first time started this year “ Central “ (from hotel “ Moscow “ to the Copper horseman) and “ Seaside “ (from TSPKiO to quay Arsenalnoj) lines will be prolonged to Fishing. Besides it two more new routes which while are developed will be opened.

on the city lines created for the first time work as Open Company “ Inter Yachts Service “ (the Central line) and Open Company “ MBS “. The first company is the manufacturer of courts “ the Arrow - 1 “ created on the basis of German Seacamper, recommended at carrying out of competition by committee on transportno - the transit policy (KTTP). In total committee had been recommended only two kinds of boats by capacity of 10-12 persons. The second mark approved by a city in KTTP named Hitek 85 C, made on the Nizhniy Novgorod shipyard EK Marine. Now together with nizhegorodtsami carrier MBS is going to carry out manufacture of boats in a city.

Melik Sarkisyan, the general director of Open Company “ MBS “ tells that the desire to construct in Petersburg branch EK Marine is caused by that similar manufacture will reduce the price of creation of courts and will return to a city a rank of sea capital. “ while we precisely want to make in Petersburg assemblage of boats Hitek 85 C which we use on the Seaside line. Next year we think to buy 40 more boats, to work and on new city routes. In general we want to satisfy all Petersburg market, having created on it uniformity which now is not present “ - mister Sarkisyan speaks.

as he said, manufacture building will begin, as soon as the city will allocate for it a site. According to Melik Sarkisyan, the area of shipyards will make some hectares, thus possibility of manufacture of boats of other marks will be discussed. In the company project plan to be enclosed half-and-half.

Artashes Ulyanov, general director ÅK Marine, has informed that cost of the organisation of manufacture without the ground area and real estate will make from ˆ500 thousand to ˆ800 thousand on equipment acquisition, the organisation of logistics and, probably, design office. “ but Petersburg is interesting to us first of all from the point of view of logistics - through it there are container shipments of boats to clients to the Arabian countries “ - mister Ulyanov speaks. It while has found it difficult to estimate volumes of the future manufacture.

Valentina Matvienko has informed that the city will consider possibility of allocation of the ground area under the new enterprise, having underlined that manufacture of boats in Petersburg “ will reduce the price of their cost, will raise a recoupment of transportations, as a whole will improve project economy “.

However experts estimate the initiative ambiguously. The employee of one of the ship-building companies of Petersburg doubts necessity of building of shipyard from zero. “ this the expensive, now nobody creates shipyards for no reason. To use capacities of the going bankrupt or already gone bankrupt shipyards " much easier; - the interlocutor “” speaks. As he said, now in Petersburg there are some the small firms making boats (all motors for them are bought abroad), and the requirement for courts is not so great to create new manufacture.

the representative of one of water carriers believes that the shipyard project can be claimed only in the event that in a city there will be new constant routes. “ it is thus important, that lines have been filled, and grants are increased “ - he speaks. According to a source “”, boats of manufacture of Petersburg branch EK Marine can be claimed only in the city market.

Oleg Zelenkov, the general director of Open Company “ vodohod - SPb “ estimates the maximum requirement of a city for boats for 100 units. “ for this purpose it is possible to construct branch, but here about foreign deliveries I doubt - China and Korea under the cost price of technics to surpass to nobody “ - mister Zelenkov believes.

According to KTTP, on the Seaside line in May 50 passengers, in June - 12,3 thousand have been transported, in July - 24,1 thousand Melik Sarkisyan estimates zapolnennost courts at week-days on 40 %, and during week-end - on 100 %. The data on the Central line while is not present, as she has earned only from the end of July.