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Skye the express train flies in Bazel

the Base element Oleg Deripaska has reached the basic arrangement on association belonging to it Airlines of Kuban with airline Skye the express train . Parametres of the transaction and strategy of the future carrier will be clear only after end due diligence Skye the express train . If Bazel it will be defined with accurate strategy of development of aviabusiness, the synergy between two companies is possible, experts consider.
group the Base element and airline Skye the express train in the beginning of week have signed the memorandum of the strategic cooperation, assuming association possibility Skye the express train with airline Airlines of Kuban entering into Oleg Deripaska`s holding, has informed a source close to negotiations. The representative Bazela The representative " has refused to make comments on this information, but; Skye the express train it has confirmed, having noticed thus that about details of the possible transaction to speak still early. The source close to negotiations, has reminded only that participation in negotiations was accepted by administration of Krasnodar territory and transportations in edge and creation of a hub on the basis of the airport Krasnodar should become important problems of an incorporated carrier. As one of variants of the scheme of registration of the transaction can be used dopemissija actions Airlines of Kuban the decision about which can accept airline board of directors on August, 30th.

the information that Bazel conducts with shareholders Skye the express train negotiations about company purchase, for the first time has appeared two weeks ago (see from July, 27th). Some days before it the Rosaviation declared that can deprive the certificate company ekspluatanta for constant delays of flights.

Owners of 75 % of actions Skye the express train do not reveal (the others of 25 % belong to investment funds Altima Partners both Sloane and Robinson). Originally this package belonged to the founder of alliance AiRUnion Boris Abramovich, but after crash of an alliance in the end of 2008 the supervising shareholder Skye the express train declared itself the co-owner of airport Vnukovo Vitaly Vantsev. But in the beginning of this year mister Vantsev has refused the words, last time having declared that has no to the company any relation . The official of one of profile departments, knows that Vitaly Vantsev - a false figure . The source close to mister Vantsevu, spoke earlier that co-owner Vnukovo to incur Skye the express train real owners of airline have asked. One of Boris Abramovich`s former partners says that the supervising shareholder of the company till now is the former general director Krasejra .

At Skye the express train a strong brand, management and a routeing network, but the big debts, and at Bazela there are airports which it is necessary to load, and possibility to finance air carrier development, the editor-in-chief " speaks; the Aviatransport review Alexey Sinitsky: it is obvious that the synergy between the companies is possible. However, the head of analytical service of agency Aviaport Oleg Panteleev doubts that at Bazela there is an accurate long-term strategy of development of aviation business: it reminds that the holding there is less than year carried on negotiations for sale " back; Airlines of Kuban airlines Tajmyr belonging to Norilsk nickel . A question that will turn out from the transaction with Skye the express train depends on, whether will be at Bazela such strategy, concludes the expert, will unite nevertheless a budgetary Moscow carrier with regional Kuban airline very difficultly.