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In Administrative Department of the President zatesalos one criminal

In October, 1998 the State Office of Public Prosecutor has brought action about abusings at reconstruction of the Kremlin and other state objects. The investigation there has begun the Office of Public Prosecutor of Switzerland asserting that received favourable podrjady firms Mabetex and Merkata paid for it to a family of president Boris Yeltsin and head upravdelami the president to Pavel Borodinu. On December, 8th, 2000 the State Office of Public Prosecutor has closed business in the absence of crime structure. on January, 17th, 2001 become by the state secretary of Union State Russian Federation and Belarus Pavel Borodin is arrested in the USA on demand of Switzerland. Having spent two months in prisons of the USA and Switzerland, he has been released on bail more than $3 million on March, 4th, 2002 the Swiss Office of Public Prosecutor has closed business, having fined the mister of Borodino on $180 thousand for washing up $30 million

In February, 1999 the Office of Public Prosecutor has informed that eks - the head of consumer services establishment upravdelami Nikolay Mihajlov is suspected of waste of 73,4 million rbl. About results of investigation not informed.

in January and May, 2004 the Moscow area Office of Public Prosecutor has brought actions about illegal transfer to a private property of the earth which are on balance upravdelami of 100 hectares. Of excess of powers suspected heads of administrations of Krasnogorsky and Odintsovo areas of Boris Rasskazova and Alexander Gladyshev. However criminal cases concerning them have been recognised by courts by illegal.

on August, 24th, 2006 deputy director FGUP " is detained; It is settlement - the financial centre upravdelami Alexey Naumov. At the expense of FGUPa he tried to liquidate a debt, arisen at the company under control to it. On November, 5th, 2008 the Tver court of Moscow has sentenced the official to seven years of a colony and payment of 25 million rbl. of a damage.

in October, 2009 plunders in FGU " are revealed; Incorporated hospital with polyclinic upravdelami, where workers of accounts department have received 3 million rbl. of the salary for left employees. business is directed to court.

on May, 27th, 2010 the Moscow investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor brings action in the relation the leading adviser kontrolno - auditing department of the medical organisations of the main control management upravdelami Igor Erashova and the chief of department of this management Vladimir Kornijaki. Under the version of the investigation, they have received a bribe at a rate of $10 thousand from the head of one of subordinated structures. investigation proceeds.