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Casinos reach for Black sea

the Gambling zone “ Azov - City “ located on border of Krasnodar territory and the Rostov region (occupies on 1 thousand in hectare in each region), should move to Black sea, Alexander Pochinok and the deputy of the State Duma Gleb Hor consider the senator from Krasnodar territory. Then at it will be both visitors, and investors, explain they. At the organisation of gambling zones legislators were guided by other logic - to make a casino is minimum accessible.

the bill of modification in FZ “ About activity state regulation on the organisation and carrying out of gamblings … “ has been brought in the State Duma by mister Pochinkom in February, and in April has passed the first reading. But the amendment excluding the Rostov region from among regions, having the right to develop gambling zones, has appeared in the bill only in July - it was initiated the elite from Krasnodar territory by the deputy “ an United Russia “ Gleb Hor, and the senator has supported. According to the chairman of the Duma committee on ekonompolitike and to Evgenie Fedorova`s business, definitive discussion of the amendment in committee will take place in the end of August - the beginning of September taking into account reaction from interested subjects.

four gambling zones (three more are in the Kaliningrad region, the Altay and seaside edges) have appeared in Russia in July, 2009, behind their limits the organisation of gamblings is forbidden. “ Azov - City “ today is the most developed from all zones - in it since January, 30th, 2010 the only thing in Russia a legal casino " works; the Oracle “ (attendance is estimated in 2 - 2,7 thousand persons a month), belonging to the Kazan company “ Rojal a time “. The zone is located in territories of Shcherbinovsky area of Krasnodar territory and the Azov area of the Rostov region, in each area it occupies on 1 thousand in hectare. From the Krasnodar party territory develops Open Society “ the Krasnodar management „Azov - City“ “ founded in 2008 regional administration, and the Rostov building of an infrastructure should be engaged in Open Society “ Corporation of development of the Rostov region “ created in May, 2010. “ the Gambling zone should be in a resort place, with good transport availability, there, where will be more players “ - Alexander Pochinok has explained „“. According to a source in a gaming of the Rostov region, the Krasnodar authorities consider possibility of development of a gambling zone in territory turistsko - a recreational zone “ New Anapa “ (a total area of 780 hectares, a village Blagoveshchensk, a resort Anapa). “ Now a place unsuccessful. The regional authorities understand that if to transfer a zone on the Black Sea coast from investors there will be no release “ - he has declared.

Krasnodar territory much more surpasses the Rostov region In quantity of tourists, thus, by data “ development Strategy sanatorno - a resort and tourist complex of Krasnodar territory till 2020 “ on resorts of the nearest to “ Azov - City “ Yeysk area it is necessary only about 2 % of the general tourist`s stream, and other part of tourists coming to edge prefers the Black Sea coast.

now speeches that the zone will be moved, do not go, Feodor`s mister specifies. “ amendment acceptance will mean that the zone will simply be reduced territorially twice. On the Rostov part building is not conducted only yet, but also not co-ordinated, and it zatormazhivaet and development of all territory “ - he has explained.

earlier about intention to develop projects in the Rostov part “ Azov - City “ declared some investors. The representative Kazan “ PAK - the Express train “ Mingaliev has informed Marseilles „“ that the company plans the project in cost more than 300 million rbl. from which about half it is already invested. “ in Canada the building design is ordered, there is a base pouring. In December we plan start igorno - an entertainment complex. In case of acceptance of amendments we will protest them “ - mister Mingaliev has assured. The Rostov company of Century E. V builds a gambling complex “ Imperial “. Cost of the first stage of the project (a casino and hotel) is estimated in 400 million rbl. “ In case of acceptance of the amendment we will demand indemnification of losses from the authorities of the Rostov region because with them entered into the investment agreement “ - the founder of the company Edward Vartanjan has informed. The Kazan group of companies “ Odis “ this year planned to begin in the Rostov part “ Azov - City “ building of an entertainment complex by a total area about 3,5 thousand sq. M into which will enter hotel on 50 places, a casino, restaurant, night club and a billiard hall. “ Odis “ also it is ready to agree in case of zone liquidation with the authorities about indemnification of losses, the head of group Dmitry Odintsov has noted.

Vitse - the governor of Krasnodar territory Alexey Agafonov supervising development of a gambling zone, was inaccessible yesterday to comments. The Minister of Economics of the Rostov region Vladimir Bartenev has informed „“ that local authorities “ will do everything that the amendment excluding the Rostov region, has not passed “.