Rus News Journal

The state commission on radio frequencies (GKRCH)

has transferred Yesterday without day the session on which it was planned to consider in the closed mode questions of allocation of frequencies 2,3 - 2,4 GHz to the Basis a Telecom and 2,5 - 2,7 GHz Rusenergotelekomu . Conciliatory session which, as a rule, is convoked seven days prior to the commission Yesterday should take place, however from - for absence of quorum it has not taken place. According to several participants of the market, the representative of the director of department of information technology and communication of the government of the Russian Federation Konstantin Noskova (member GKRCH) some days before session has sent the letter to device GKRCH in which notices that he is guarded with an opaque situation concerning distribution of frequencies.

Open Company Pepeljaev Groups
named the price for the domain goltsblat. ru , the right on which now tries to seize Goltsblat BLP. On July, 6th Goltsblat BLP, headed by lawyer Andrey Goltsblatom, has submitted the claim to Open Company Pepeljaev Groups which head is lawyer Sergey Pepeljaev. Till December, 2008 both lawyers were co-owners of the legal company Pepeljaev, Goltsblat and partners . In the end of 2008 Andrey Goltsblat has left the company together with a part of a team of lawyers, then the company Pepeljaev, Goltsblat and partners has been renamed in Pepeljaev Groups . According to Sergey Pepeljaeva, a domain name goltsblat. ru it has been registered on the company many years ago. In Goltsblat BLP consider that use Pepeljaev Groups this domain breaks their rights to a trade mark goltsblat. Yesterday the arbitration court of Moscow has held preliminary session on this business. On a court question, whether want the party to resolve dispute by the world, the representative Pepeljaev Groups Has declared that the company agrees to sell the disputable domain for the sum of 10 thousand rbl. Representative Goltsblat BLP has answered that the given offer is an occasion to negotiations. Following session on business will take place on September, 22nd.

the Supreme Arbitration Court (YOU)
has put an end in dispute between Juniastrum bank and Open Society World trade centre (TSMT) on collecting from bank of 256,1 million rbl. of losses under the trust management contract. TSMT on May, 3rd, 2007 has transferred in trust management to bank of 600 million rbl. During the period from May till July, 2008 bank on request of TSMT has returned 343,9 million rbl., and the remained 256,1 million rbl. have made a loss as have been enclosed in Joint-Stock Company bond " for January, 31st, 2009; Martha Finans (now is in process of bankruptcy). TSMT has addressed in court, demanding from bank to pay damages in connection with inadequate management of the property which has led to its loss. TSMT, in particular, referred that the bank without the consent of the client has transferred money in control of the broker company JUtrejd. ru which made transactions on its own behalf, and besides has exceeded the admissible risk level defined in the contract. Courts of three instances have satisfied claim TSMT then Juniastrum the bank has addressed with the supervising complaint in YOU. Yesterday Vladimir Pletnev representing interests TSMT has informed that the board YOU has refused to submit the case to presidium for revision.

Vitse - prime minister Igor Sechin
has held meeting on mine Raspadsky where liquidation of the fire which has begun right after of explosions 8 - proceeds on May, 9th. At meeting mister Sechin has discussed a course of a recovery work and rendering assistance to families of victims and the suffered miners. During meeting the videoconference with prime minister Vladimir Putin who has charged to mister Sechinu to accelerate implementation of lava N 9 that miners could start extraction again has taken place. Besides, the Ministry of Finance has promised to allocate Raspadsky 1,7 mlrd rbl. on power supply financing.