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As Russian caused in foreign courts the Historical background

on January, 10th, 2000 the Swiss investigator Daniel Devo caused on interrogation the former head upravdelami the president of the Russian Federation Pavel Borodina . Him suspected of washing up of $30 million received from firms Mabetex and Merkata. The official to go on interrogation has refused. In 2001 he has been arrested in the USA and given out Switzerland. Soon it have released on the security, and then recognised as guilty and have fined.

on January, 12th, 2006 in Washington at a building of exchequer of the USA judicial executor David Felder has tried to hand over the summons in district court of Washington to the Minister of Finance to Alexey Kudrin , but that it did not take. The claim minoritariev NK YUKOS to the government of Russia was the reason. On April, 24th, 2009 in Washington David Felder has trapped mister Kudrin at a building of Institute of world economy and has handed over it the summons of district court of Colombia about evidence on considered by Hamovnichesky court of Moscow to Michael Khodorkovsky`s business. Later the American court has withdrawn the summons as the minister possesses diplomatic immunity.

in October, 2007 businessman Boris Berezovsky in the London boutique Hermes has tried to hand over personally the summons to the former partner to Roman Abramovich . It has been written out by Superior court of London where mister Berezovsky demands compensation of a damage from sale of the Russian actives. Mister Abramovich to take the summons has refused, then the claimant has thrown a package with documents to it under feet. The London judges have decided that the summons is handed over, and now Roman Abramovich is obliged to be on court session on October, 3rd, 2011.

on December, 16th, 2009 the judge of a national appellate court of Spain Fernando Andreu has caused head Bazela Oleg Deripaska in court as the figurant of business about money-laundering izmajlovskoj orgprestupnoj groupings. The businessman has refused to come to Madrid, having referred to absence of official summonses. On May, 12th, 2010 the Spanish judge has arrived to Moscow and has led discussion with mister Deripaska in a building of the State Office of Public Prosecutor.