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Autodealers do not pass checkup

the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has scarified the bill of transfer of function of checkup of cars from traffic police in the private companies. It follows from the conclusion which the head of the state has presented to the State Duma. The president has opposed the norm allowing autodealers both to spend checkup, and to offer services in car repair that can to contain corruption risks . Authors of the bill have declared that are ready to dialogue but do not lose hope that the president will manage to be overpersuaded.
in the conclusion on the bill About obligatory checkup of vehicles in the Russian Federation president Dmitry Medvedev has noticed that the project orientation as actual supports but has a number of essential remarks and offers . Let`s remind that the document has been prepared by group of deputies led by vitse - speaker Oleg Morozovym and the head of committee of transport Sergey Shishkarevym and accepted in the first reading in July, 2010. To break the mass practice which has developed in the Russian Federation of reception of the coupon of checkup for a bribe, deputies have suggested to create a network of the private centres of checkup instead of the present points GTO which is in conducting with traffic police. Procedure GTO as deputies promise, as a result of reform will manage to drivers in the same 800 - 1000 rbl., as well as now, and will allow to get rid of turns. Drivers besides will have an opportunity to demand material indemnification in case of the failure the malfunction not revealed in a technical centre became which reason. The bill is already supported by the government of the Russian Federation, and now deputies together with Ministry of economic development and trade prepare amendments for it.

At a stage of preparation of the document many disputes were conducted concerning carrying out of checkup and car repairs by the same company. It is a question of situations when the driver comes on checkup to the autodealer and in the same place eliminates the found malfunction. Such norm was lobbied actively by representatives of a car business. And here now the president has acted categorically against such possibility. the given norm can contain corruption risks, - Dmitry Medvedev has specified. - combination of kinds of activity can entail bias of an estimation of a technical condition of a vehicle owing to occurrence of interest of proprietors of the centres .

Also the president has demanded to register responsibility of technical centres, in particular, for failure of terms of carrying out of checkup. Besides, he has specified in necessity to increase a compensation limit in cases when road accident happens because of a technical centre: in present edition it makes 30 thousand rbl. That, according to the head of the state, does not correspond to level of potential danger of wrongful actions .

I Understand fears of the president, but I do not think that here it is possible to speak about corruption, - has declared Sergey Shishkarev. - After all it is usually connected with state power bodies, and checkup function is transferred in hands of private business. For name and authority preservation any company not begins to impose the services to the client . Thus he has added that authors of the bill are ready to dialogue and if it will be clear that such norm will go to harm to motorists we will support the president .

It is surprised that the president makes such recommendations. I think that he did not read this bill and has been misinformed, and the conclusion has been prepared not without participation of our valorous State traffic inspectorate which wants to reserve control over checkup, - the founder of a group of companies " considers; Rolf Sergey Petrov. - checkup and repair is not the basic source of the income of the autodealer . As he said, if the president has accepted the final decision, anything good from this does not leave . As a result of anything in checkup system as a matter of fact will not exchange: the coupon on - former will be given out by firms, affilirovannye from traffic police, and for expensive or for a bribe .