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Party nevyhodimost

the Latest scandals connected with compulsory retirement of some mayors - United Russia party members, have shown that the party in power left on a new stage of evolutionary development.
as the Power more than once marked, an United Russia in many respects copies the CPSU, and its course of life surprisingly precisely coincides with a Communist Party way. For example, in article Krasnoyarsk theses (see the Power from November, 19th, 2007) we wrote that in 1920 Vladimir Lenin has begun cleaning of numbers VKP () from rascals and in 2007 of the same contingent has disposed to clear an United Russia Vladimir Putin. Thus, explaining necessity of such measure, the president almost literally quoted the leader, though and without a reference to the source.

to the beginning 1930 - h years the ruling nomenclature of all levels of the power was already party, and the Communist Party has faced a new problem: Necessity to dismiss and punish heads has remained, but it became rather inconvenient to do it as the person was protected by the party membership card. And in itself sanctions concerning the communist cast a shade on authority of party. Now this stage of evolutionary development has entered and an United Russia . Almost all supervising posts are occupied by United Russia party members, and process of disposal of objectionable commanding members of the same party has started to be accompanied by the same difficulties that were at Communist Party.

as evident acknowledgement to that are served by recent scandals in Smolensk, Barnaul and Vyksunsky area of the Nizhniy Novgorod region. The governor of Altay territory Alexander Karlin has dismissed for regular default of duties the mayor of Barnaul Vladimir Kolganova, however the municipal duma has refused to accept its resignation and to appoint put forward Karlinym and. An island The mayor, and last Thursday 13 from 35 deputies applications for addition of powers in protest at actions of the head of region have written. In Smolensk gorduma has ruined already five attempts of local branch an United Russia to confirm the candidate Alexander Daniljuka on a post of the mayor (the previous town governor Edward Kachanovsky is in a pre-trial detention centre on charge in combination of a post of the mayor with employment by business). After Vladimir Putin recommended to mayors of the areas most suffered from fires to leave, the head of Vyksunsky area of the Nizhniy Novgorod region Alexey Sokolov has obediently resigned, but local deputies have not satisfied it, and Sokolov remained on the post. The general in these three stories that all characters consist in an United Russia . Almost the stalemate As a result turns out: One party camp tries to dismiss the person, but cannot finish operation as will come across the fierce resistance of other camp after all all around United Russia party members, and everyone pursues the narrow interests.

the Communist Party has recovered from this illness as follows: before to get rid of the person, it at first expelled from party. And that the combination did not cause idle talks, the corresponding ideological prop has been created - of the party membership card deprived not simply so, and for change of party and to communism ideals. So far as an United Russia follows in the tracks of the CPSU, it is possible to assume that during any moment and she will make a fresh start to expel people from the numbers and only then to dismiss them from responsible posts. In quality of an ideological substantiation the deviation from Putin`s Plan, Strategy change - 2020 or simply sabotage of a vertical of the power can be used, for example.

It is necessary to notice also that apogee above a mark in the history of Communist Party that approximately from the middle 1930 - h years party membership card deprivation almost garantirovanno was followed by sending in camp became described. And not to recede from a general line of the development, an United Russia obviously, it is necessary to adopt and this communistic experience.