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Moscow struggles with the areas

On Monday the government of Moscow has solved a problem of frequent performances of opposition on the Triumphal area: it has been declared that the area is closed on reconstruction in this connection any public actions on it are henceforth forbidden. On Triumphal by 2013 promise to construct a multilevel underground parking though while there is no even a building project, and there is only a rebuilding plan from 2006 which, however, and has not been officially confirmed. Having closed Triumphal, the Moscow authorities were continued at once by two general lines. The first consists in a non-admission of performances of opposition in the capital, the second - in an existence non-admission in a city of the areas in their primordial form. In total in Moscow 132 areas are, from them by the present moment is reconstructed or is in process of reconstruction nearby 20. Manezhnaja where works have begun in 1992 became the first such area. On one of versions, it has been made under Boris Yeltsin`s disturbed by instructions that the area has turned to the main place for performances of supporters of the Supreme body which has left in rigid opposition to the president. As a result upon termination of reconstruction in 1997 Manezhnaja became in general unsuitable for mass actions. A theatre square altered even twice - to 850 - letiju Moscow and to 65 - letiju Victories. Besides, the Authorities it was possible to find out in open sources of data on mayoralty plans on reconstruction by 2020 still approximately 15 areas. Thus, average speed of process of reconstruction makes 1,3 areas in a year and if it does not change, by 2100 in Moscow precisely remains to any area touched by the authorities.