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the Competitive managing director Open Company Ceramics Plus (2315114319) - Mamrov J. M - informs an INN on the auctions on sale of property of the debtor - a ceramic tile in assortment. The property is exposed on the auctions in structure 1 prize in the form of open auction; the form of giving of offers on the price: opened (by a raising of a card with number); an auction step: 65 thousand roubles. For participation in auction the applicant brings the deposit - 10 % from the initial price of a prize - on the basis of the agreement on the deposit. The winner of the auctions the participant of the auctions who have offered first highest price for a prize exposed on the auctions admits. The organizer of the auctions and the winner of the auctions sign the report on results of the auctions in day of carrying out of auction. The purchase and sale contract consists with the person recognised as the winner of the auctions.

the auctions and summarising of the auctions will take place 18. 09. 2010, to the address: Novorossisk, street Industrial, 8, the beginning of registration of participants at 08 o`clock, the beginning of the auctions at 08 o`clock 30 minutes Demands acceptance and acquaintance with data on property, conditions of participation in auction, position about a tendering order, the demand form, the form of the agreement on the deposit and order of its conclusion, with requisites of the accounts, essential treaty provisions of purchase and sale, requirements to official registration of papers, other data is carried out to the address: Gelendzhik, mkr. A sail, 4, sq. 85, with 16. 08. 2010 on 17. 09. 2010, daily from 09 o`clock till 11 o`clock.

for acquaintance it is necessary to show the document proving the identity, to the representative - the power of attorney. The list of represented documents: the application form for participation in the auctions; the power of attorney if the demand moves the representative; a copy of the agreement on the deposit; the payment order on deposit payment; documents on the coordination of the transaction with antimonopoly body in cases provided by the legislation; Inquiry IFNS of Russia under the form according to order FNS of Russia from 23. 05. 2005 ?mm - 3-19/ 206; the inventory of documents. In addition for fiz. Persons: a copy of the document proving the identity; a copy of the certificate on statement on the account in tax department; the inquiry under the form 2 - NDFL for 2 years; the consent of the spouse to transaction fulfilment; a copy of the certificate on record entering in EGRIP; an extract from EGRIP; copies of the standard reporting in tax departments for 2 years. In addition for jur. Persons: copies of constituent documents; a copy of the certificate on registration under the form 51001 or 57001; an extract from EGRJUL; the documents confirming powers of controls and officials; a copy of the decision of the controls resolving participation in the auctions and acquisition of property; copies of balance sheets for 2 years. To participation in the auctions the persons who have in due time submitted the application forms for participation in the auctions, the presented all documents which have brought the deposit are supposed.