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the Organizer of the auctions - the competitive managing director Open Society the Autocomplete set - Rybalko D. A informs on carrying out of the repeated auctions without the price announcement on sale of property of Open Society the Autocomplete set with the open form of giving of offers on the price.

a prize the prize Name, the area, etazhnost Floor price, in rbl.

1 Building KTSL (zavodoupravlenie, 6312,5 sq. m, 4 et., 2910 000,00

2 It is industrial - the warehouse case (15 shop), 7223,60 sq. m, 2 et. 3 020 000,00

3 Equipments and industrial stock 2 834 000,00

4 Industrial stocks and a work in progress 343 500,00

Additional requirements to participants and conditions of tender on Lota 1: bombproof shelter presence, the buyer should keep appointment of realised property for its use in special-purpose designations.

the Winner of the auctions on sale of the property included in a prize, the participant who has offered the greatest price of acquisition admits.

acquaintance with the characteristic of property and tendering rules, the list of documents for participation, demands acceptance: till September, 8th, 2010, inclusive, with 10. 00 hours to 16. 00 hours to the address: 452613, Republic Bashkortostan, October, street Steppe, d. 1, t./ f.: (34767 4 - 05-04, results of the auctions will be brought: in 14. 00 hours the purchase and sale Contract consist on September, 14th, 2010 within 10 days from the date of summarising. Requisites of the account for property payment:

Bavlinsky branch of Open Society Ak the Leopard bank,

r/ account 4070281043502000157, BIK 049205805,

barks./ account 30101810000000000805 in RKTS NB RT Kazan.

payment of property by the winner - not later than in 10 days from the date of the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale.