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Not ukaraulili seven settlements

Yesterday in the morning prime minister Vladimir Putin has unexpectedly arrived to the Nizhniy Novgorod region and has looked that there was after a fire from village Top Vereja. The special correspondent Andrey KOLESNIKOV was convinced: anything.
instead of air here, in the Nizhniy Novgorod region, the whitish ashes corroding eyes, and the you approach on district Vyksa more close, the it is more difficult to breathe. You try to put on a respirator, understand that look wildishly among people whom which days breathe it, and besides from ashes the respirator at all and does not help.

in 20 km from Vyksa where almost it is completely not visible people, village Top Vereja. It just was yesterday village Top Vereja. Then it did not become. Has burnt down all 321 house. Has burnt out to the earth, the earth has burnt out also, and it seems that here just there was a long fight lasting many days: funnels which were the bases of houses smoke, on road there is a burnt down tractor. The tractor operator by miracle has escaped: it was covered with a fiery tornado which went with speed of 100 metres per minute, and it was stopped even by lake: it too, speak, some minutes burnt. The prime minister went on this smoking earth and, apparently, could not understand, how it is possible. Here after all yesterday there was the live village, some have just built up, and here - emptiness, ashes, a red cow with the covered eyes, lying on the grey ashes have published reminding dirty hot snow.

the person, as always, has appeared it is weak before fire, as usual, anybody and anything even if it has Ministry of Emergency Measures with helicopters, planes Be - 200 and Silt - 76, and also with a considerable quantity of the beautiful form.

about five minutes ago at entrance to Top Vereju of the prime minister have surrounded tens its inhabitants. They have not left in sanatorium where place victims, did not remain with relatives - they will not leave anywhere from the blackening skeletons. To all of them it is equal that they have survived: They do not have houses, and they say now that is better they would burn down together with the houses. Exaggerate a little, certainly. But it is not strong.

- we stand the undressed! - they shouted to the prime minister, having surrounded it at arm`s length. - to us will where live by the winter? Why nobody has protected us?!

- you know, - the prime minister spoke to them, - what was a wind. It was impossible to make anything...

- yes round us week all burnt, anybody did not turn attention! And yesterday we with water have asked the plane, and to us have told, that we were threw off on it then it will arrive.

- and how we will put on, will put shoes on?!

mister Putin told it that each of victims will receive on 100 thousand rbl. from the federal budget and on 100 thousand rbl. - from local and that houses will build up necessarily.

- we have extinguished almost 20 thousand fires on the country, - he spoke to them.

- And at me the house in the face of has burnt down! - the woman sobbed.

- And any fast was not!

- so! - Vladimir Putin spoke. - the first, more truly, already the fourth...

- Vladimir Vladimirovich, will not allow to us to burn down - that? And companion Shantseva (the governor of the Nizhniy Novgorod region Valery Shantseva. - ) it would be necessary to take for one place...

- down with it! - shouted in crowd.

- down with! No, in prison!

- Calm down, - the prime minister spoke. - means, in the fourth...

the rain here has gone. Thus, in - the fourth, the rain has gone. People for a second have stood, someone has laughed.

the rain went, while the prime minister came back in district. Here, at a building of regional administration, to it the crowd has again rushed.

- we perish, help! - women shouted. - it is necessary to rescue all of us!

- I will find out all, - the prime minister spoke.

- Shantsev, down with! - did not allow to it to insert words. - Would breathe here, as we!

Valery Shantsev standing near to the prime minister, did not say words.

the prime minister tried to speak not with all crowd, and with separate people in it, in it there was its tactics, he explained to them about money, about houses which will restore by the spring, but they any more did not hear it. Last days they lived in a condition of a hopeless hysterics which had an one and only reason - their property. They, most likely, could be rescued the unique property still before this hopeless fiery tornado has begun. But the authorities did not pay to them any attention, because, in - the first, and knew what to do, and in - the second, solved a problem in a complex. Therefore Top Vereja has burnt down completely.

- Rescue our houses! - the woman of years of forty five shouted. - extinguish!

- there there is nothing to extinguish, - Vladimir Putin has unexpectedly told.

- as there is nothing? - She has choked. - yes there our children!

- Where? - He has asked again.

- in Vile!

- And, in Vile, - to it, apparently, it became awkward. - yes, I know. I thought, you about Vereju speak.

it has risen in administration on meeting, but this woman has broken both there, upward, and now spoke with the minister of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Sergey Shojgu:

- And you know that in Barkovke people have burnt down, forty persons. Forty!

- yes there was I there, - he wearily answered. - there is no there such quantity. I just therefrom. How many - that is. Now we specify.

- and us always learnt that each life is invaluable! - she has shouted, crying. - and at me the son in Vile does not answer by phone! You will make something?!

- Poezzhajte there with the major, - has told it to it. - see, I there have sent the major.

it has rushed for the major, has then stopped:

- Yes there after all not to pass any more!

- Means, we will fly by, - the minister has murmured to it following.

at meeting of premieres in the categorical form has offered heads of municipal unions to whom there are population claims, voluntary to resign ( it does not forbid them to participate then in elections ) . Governor Shantsev recognised that not ukaraulili seven settlements .

- That you Vereju have not saved? - Its prime minister has asked. - in the same place simply horror film.

- so the riding fire has begun, - the governor has shrugged shoulders, - and we to local prepared.

when the prime minister left from meeting, the crowd has again surrounded it. This time at them was much more aggression. One person something has told to the prime minister, paternal that has turned and even has moved to it, but then took itself in hands, has turned away and has gone to the car. The prime minister has gone to sanatorium where have placed a part of victims, but already almost did not talk at all to them.

- Have a rest. Come to the senses, - he spoke to them.

it is obvious, that uncle in crowd has strongly deduced it from itself.