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the Competitive managing director Open Company UMD Polar Russian And. A (the organizer of the auctions) informs on carrying out of the open auctions on debt receivable sale (the rights of requirements) legal bodies.

a prize the Name of the debtor the Size of a debt receivable, rbl. the Initial price of a prize, (rbl.)

1 Open Companies Management of apartment houses Western Vorkuta (requirements are included in the register of requirements of creditors of Open Company UMD Western ) 4 713 393,16 438 000,00

2 Open Companies the West Vorkuta (requirements are included in the register of requirements of creditors of Open Company the West ) 15 183 586,46 1 536 200,00

the Form of the auctions - open auction on cost increase

the Form of giving of demands - written.

participants of the auctions can be fiz. And jur. The persons who have in due time submitted the application forms for participation in the auctions, the made papers which have given properly and in due time brought the deposit

Demands are accepted within 30 days from the moment of an announcement exit to the address: 167005, RK, Syktyvkar, and/ I 2166.

On the demand it is applied:

- notarially certified copies of the Charter, Svid. About registration in EGRJUL, an extract from EGRJUL for jur. Persons and copies of all sheets of the passport for fiz. Persons,

- the notarial power of attorney on the person, having the right to operate on behalf of the Applicant at realisation of the actions connected with participation in auction and signings of necessary documents, including purchase and sale contracts,

- the payment order with a bank mark about the execution, confirming transfer of the sum of the deposit.

the auctions will take place 14. 09. 2010 in 17. 00 to the address: RK, Syktyvkar, street Communistic, 4, kab. 421.

the Step of the auctions - 5 %, the size of the deposit - 5 % from the initial price of each prize.

the winner of the auctions the participant who has offered the greatest price for a prize admits. The deposit is brought on requisites:

the Addressee of Open Company UMD Polar

an INN 1103043400, a check point 110301001,

r/ with 40702810910010000028 in Vorkuta FKB Severgazbank

to/ with 30101810200000000744,

BIK 048718744.

the purchase and sale Contract subscribes with the winner of the auctions in day of tendering.

payment of cost of property should be made within 15 days from the moment of the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale.

in a case if 14. 09. 2010 the auctions will not take place, 15. 10. 2010 on the same conditions the auctions on sale of the specified property to the same address with fall of its initial price for 10 % are held.

the Additional information on bodies.: (8212 55-17-74.