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the Specialized organisation Auction - consulting Open Company (the organizer of the auctions) on the instructions of the Seller - the competitive managing director - informs on continuation of demands acceptance for participation in open auction on property sale Open Society tehnopribor , located to the address: KBR, Nalchik, street 2 - oh Promproezd,/ n, in following structure: ABK, about. Square of 2513,8 sq. m, mechanical shop (with an extension and a warehouse) about. Square of 5432,7 sq. m, the building not Finished by building (got. 61 %), about. Square of 8353,3 sq. m, assembly shop, about. Square of 4055,9 sq. m, exhibition hall, about. Square of 2032,0 sq. m, shop of assemblage of installations Silena about. Square of 454,4 sq. m, the module In about. Square of 873,1 sq. m, a boiler-house, about. Square of 614,9 sq. m, pump, about. Square of 102,6 sq. m, the engineering case, about. Square of 1343,8 sq. m the Initial price of 21 303 000 roubles. The size of the deposit - 5 %, an auction step - 1 % from the initial price. Demands with documents applied on them are accepted by the Organizer of the auctions on the working days from 10:00 till, since 10. 08. 2010 a demands acceptance Closing date - 12 ch. 08. 09. 2010 the Auctions will take place 10. 09. 2010 in 13 ch. 20 minutes to Receive the additional information on property exposed on the auctions, it is possible in the working days with 9. 00 to 16. 00. Inquiries on bodies.: 8-960-425-01-01.