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the Organizer of the auctions - Open Company the Bastion (Izhevsk, street of 40 years of the Victory, 140, bodies.: 89225035490), operating on the basis of the contract of the commission 1 from 09. 08. 2010 - informs on carrying out of the open auctions in the form of property auction IP Ugolnikova A. V : the Tractor id. WDB9442332K799835, the engine 457937 00019617, model 2543 LX AXOR 6X2 mark MERCEDEC - BENZ, PTS 78 TR 051406, 2002 of release, reg. 02218. The initial price - 500000 roubles. An auction step - 5 % from the initial price. The size of the deposit - 10 % from the initial price of property. The auctions will take place 16. 09. 2010 at 11:00 to the address: Izhevsk, street Pushkin, 144, office 32. Demands acceptance, familiarity with order of filling of demands and requirements on registration of the appendix to them, the contract draught on the deposit, position on the auctions is carried out to the address and phone: Izhevsk, street Pushkin, 144, office 32, with 10. 00 to 12. 00, (3412 683259. Demands are accepted within 25 days from the moment of the publication daily in the working days with 10. 00 to 12. 00 to the address: Izhevsk, street Pushkin, 144, of. 32. The deposit and a payment for property is brought on settlement account IP of Ugolnikova A. V: r/ with 408028100020000063 in Open Society Ural trastovyj bank Izhevsk, street Pushkin, 268, or other not forbidden legislation in the way. Summarising of the auctions is spent right after their terminations and made out by signing of the report on results on a venue of the auctions. The winner the participant who has offered the highest price admits. The contract on sale consists with the winner not later than 5 days after registration of the report on results of the auctions in conformity in the legislation of the Russian Federation.