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the Organizer of the auctions - competitive operating (the mailing address: 659333, Biisk, the lane Foundry, and/ I 47) inform on sale of following property Joint-Stock Company TD SEUS - Agro by means of the public offer:

a prize the property Name

1. The harrow heavy BT - 18 3, stsepka SKS - 6,4, stsepka SKS - 9,6

the First 3 days, from the date of an announcement exit, the prize price makes 1 601 750 roubles (the price of the initial offer), the second 3 days - 75 % of the price of the initial offer, with 7 for 30 day - 50 % of the price of the initial offer (the cutting off price).

prize Sale stops after reception of the first demand. Demands are accepted to the address: Biisk, street of Machine engineers, 28, 2 floor, 1 office, with 08. 30 to 10. 30 hours local time in the working days. The documents specified in item 110 FZ the Russian Federation " should be enclosed to the demand; About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) . The contract of purchase and sale with the applicant consists not later than in 10 days from the date of summarising of the auctions. Payment is made within 7 days from the moment of contract signing.