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Competitive operating (the organizer of the auctions) realises property MUP ZHilkomhoz , the item of Vojvozh (Sosnogorsky area Komi).

At the open auctions in the form of competition property with the initial price: the Prize 1. Building VNS (Vojvozh, street October 31; 1974 of century; 411,8 sq. - 2171000 rbl.; the Prize 2. Premises of a building of mail (Vojvozh, street October, 13; 1966 of century; 90 sq.) - 244000 rbl.; the Prize 3. Air station of clearing (Vojvozh, the lane Factory 1/ 3; 1974 of century; 277,1 sq.) - 1826000 rbl.; the Prize 5. the Building gazoraspredelitelnogo point (the item Brick, street Factory, 11; 1956 of century; 19,5 sq.) - 97000 rbl.; the Prize 6. Reconstruction of treatment facilities (Verhneizhemsky, 2001 of century) - 2756000 rbl.; the Prize 7. Primary dvuhjarusnyj a sediment bowl (Vojvozh; 1974 of century) - 490000 rbl.; the Prize 8. External water supply systems (Verhneizhemsky; 1988 of century) - 251000 rbl.; a prize 9. External water supply systems (Verhneizhemsky; 1988 of century) - 38000 rbl.; a prize 10. External thermal networks (Verhneizhemsky; 1990 of century) - 523000 rbl.; a prize 11. External thermal networks (Verhneizhemsky; 1988 of century) - 261000 rbl.; the Prize 12. Well TK (Verhneizhemsky; 1976 of century) - 5000 rbl.

a competition Indispensable condition - a duty of the buyer to contain and provide operation and use of the got objects according to a special-purpose designation of these objects.

at the open auctions in the form of auction property with the initial price: the Prize 13. Sanitary masterful (Vojvozh, street Soviet, 33; 1987 of century; 245,5 sq.) - 630000 rbl.; the Prize 14. Building ZHEU 9 (Vojvozh, street Soviet, 33; 1989 of century; 281 sq.) - 824000 rbl.; the Prize 15. a library Building (Verhneizhemsky, street Garden, 26; 1940 of century; 341,3 sq. m.) - 933000 rbl.; the Prize 16. Copper KVKGM (Vojvozh, Uhtinsky highway, 14; 1989 of century) - 11000 rbl.; the Prize 17. Copper TES (Vojvozh, Uhtinsky highway, 14; 1990 of century) - 17000 rbl.; the Prize 18. Copper TES (Vojvozh, Uhtinsky highway, 14; 1991 of century) - 17000 rbl.; the Prize 19. Copper TES (Vojvozh, Uhtinsky highway, 14; 1991 of century) - 17000 rbl.

the Step of auction (competition) on all prizes - 5 % from initial cost.

the auctions will take place 15. 09. 10 in 10. 00, to the address: Syktyvkar, street May Day, d. 149, 1 under., 3 floor (office of Joint-Stock Company the SKIP).

Demands and documents on participation in the auctions are accepted to the address of tendering from the date of the publication on 13. 09. 2010 inclusive, with 9. 00 16. 00. Ph.: (8212 442540.

following documents should be applied On the demand: properly certified copies of the Charter, the Certificate on registration in EGRJUL (for jurid. Persons); a passport copy (for fiz. Persons); the power of attorney on the person, having the right to operate on behalf of the Applicant at realisation of all actions connected with participation in the auctions and signing of necessary documents, including purchase and sale contracts; the payment order with a bank mark about the execution, confirming transfer of the sum of the deposit to the settlement account. In case of absence at least one of the documents set forth above the demand of the Applicant is not considered and in the auctions does not participate.

the deposit - 5 % from cost of a prize also are subject to payment into account MUP ZHilkomhoz the item of Vojvozh, an INN 1108007726, a check point 110801001, r/ with 40702810309000001024 in Syktyvkar FKB - RTS Severgazbank Syktyvkar, BIK 048702746, to/ with 30101810100000000746. The sum of the deposit brought by the person, recognised as the winner, is enlisted in the purchase price account. To other participants of the auctions the deposit brought by them comes back after the termination of the auctions within 3 working days.

the auctions are spent on price increase. The winner the person who has named the highest price on a prize admits. In day of tendering the report of the auctions and the contract of purchase and sale of property subscribes. Within 5 days from the date of signing of the contract by the winner the full sum for which the property taking into account the deposit is bought is brought.

it is possible to familiarise With property, order of the auctions at the Organizer of the auctions (Syktyvkar, street May Day, 149, 1 under., 3 et., bodies.: (8212) 442540), bodies. MIFNS Russia 4 on RK: (82149 69854.

In a case if the auctions will not take place, the repeated auctions will take place 15. 10. 10 in 10. 00 hour. Demands acceptance, acquaintance with conditions and reception of inclinations are carried out during the period with 16. 09. 10 on 13. 10. 10 (incl.), in the same place and on the same conditions, as at carrying out of the first auctions. The initial price of prizes decreases on 10 % from the initial price.