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66 - 0006488

the Competitive managing director Open Company GrandMetall (OGRN 1076673017882, an INN 6673167325; 620098, Ekaterinburg, avenue of Cosmonauts, 47; business 60 - 40629/ 09 - 11) informs Andreev Valery Aleksandrovich (the organizer of the auctions) on the auctions on property sale - the rights of requirements to jur. To persons at a rate of 100 % from the sum of the basic debt which as of date of the present announcement makes on prizes:

the Prize 1 - Open Company NPP the Voronezh Factory of Dredges 28654,92 rbl.

the Prize 2 - Open Company Company Niko 640000,00 rbl.

the Prize 3 - Open Company TF the Nocturne 2970000,00 rbl.

the Prize 4 - Open Company the Navigator - a print 200000,00 rbl.

the Prize 5 - Open Company Leskomstroj 126695,04 rbl.

the Prize 6 - Joint-Stock Company The Ural industrial holding 262882,85 rbl.

the Prize 7 - Joint-Stock Company the Ural industrial holding 22404030,00 rbl.

the Auctions are spent by means of the public offer, since next day after publication of the present message in the newspaper with step of decrease in 10 % from initial cost of a prize each 15 days within 60 days after which the property will be sold at the price offered by the buyer.

the deposit for participation in the auctions makes 10 % from the initial price of a prize and is brought: Open Company GrandMetall an INN 6673167325, a check point 667301001, r/ with 40702810100000010238, to/ with 30101810200000000767, Open Society Uraltransbank Ekaterinburg, BIK 046551767.

the Decision on the admission of applicants and summarising of the auctions consistently on each prize as sequence after the termination of the auctions on the previous prize, will pass with 10. 00 next day after the termination of the corresponding period (on Mondays).

demands acceptance and summarising of the auctions - to the address: 620027, Ekaterinburg, Lunacharsky`s street, d. 15. Ph.: +7 - 902 - 87 - 89 - 226.