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rokery have got in “ the Tornado “

In a past week-end there was an attack on participants fate - festival “ the Tornado “ passing near Miass. On attestations of eyewitnesses, an order of 80 young men armed in bits and the traumatic weapon, have beaten visitors of festival. As a result of 19 persons have got wounds, including two are hospitalised with serious traumas. The consequence and the regional authorities consider as the basic version of an event household quarrel: ostensibly the owner miasskogo an entertainment complex “ the Star city “ Ruben Nazarjan thus has decided to revenge for drinking by participants “ the Tornado “ in belonging to it cafe of the alcoholic drinks brought with self.

Incident has occurred in territory of a children`s recreation camp of a name of Zoe Kosmodemjansky on the lake Turgojak rented by organizers annual fate - festival “ the Tornado “ which passes on this platform the third year. Groups " were festival headliners this time; the Crematorium “ “ Cockroaches “ “ Kalinov the bridge “ “ Bricks “ and also Sergey Shnurov with group “ Rouble “ and Gosha Kutsenko with the musical project. By estimations of organizers present festival has visited from 4 to 6 thousand spectators.

as eyewitnesses tell, incident has occurred in the evening, approximately in 20. 00 when on a scene musicians of group " were adjusted; Cockroaches “. “ I stood approximately on the glade middle where the scene has been located, and have noticed, how behind along a fence surrounding camp, there is a person of 70 men undressed on a belt. Many of them had bits, and them they beat everyone who occurred in the path. At first has got to bikers, then - to nonconformists. In the slaughter centre shots were audible. When the others have noticed attacking, the panic has begun - all began to run up who where. All slaughter lasted about 5 minutes, and then attacking easy have left “ - one of participants of festival Evgenie Tolachev speaks. On supervision of other eyewitness, asked not to name his name, the attack was planned: “ Minutes for 15 - 20 before attack, there has arrived about 16 foreign cars which left young men. They have removed from themselves T-shirts, have armed with bits, scraps of pipes and traumatic pistols of type “Wasp“. Also “have simply crumpled“ protection on collars, and even bludgeons have selected. Towards spectators the attacking went, having scattered by a chain, and methodically beat all - and men and girls. Security guards did not enter the fight, some even have run away, and others tried to pull out from medley of people that them there have not killed “. According to the interlocutor „“, protection was a little - the person 30 - 40, and the OMON which, as a rule, always is present on such actions, has appeared already after the attacking have left. All interrogated „“ participants of festival notice that the attacking were not drunk and have been well organised, and all event “ reminded an act of intimidation “.

In 15 minutes after incident there have arrived some carriages hide the help. As have informed „“ in a call centre miasskogo the Department of Internal Affairs, all 19 persons two from which are hospitalised with severe wounds - cranial - brain traumas and wounds from the traumatic weapon have suffered. Plural bruises of a head, soft fabrics, crises of elbow bones are diagnosed for the others and a jaw. Upon an attack criminal case on ch is brought. 2 items 213 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ Hooliganism “) .

Yesterday the Internet - the users discussing incident, put forward some versions of an event, including “ the political order “ (the festival was spent to support of the candidate of Chelyabinsk Legislative Assembly Valihana Turgumbaeva) and “ the action of nationalist groupings “ (namely, skinheads).

However in law enforcement bodies both versions reject. As head miasskogo city district Igor Vojnov who co-ordinates actions of all power departments which are engaged in state of emergency (the Department of Internal Affairs, UFSB has told „“ and Offices of Public Prosecutor), attacking were “ simply hooligans “. The regional authorities adhere to the Same point of view also. “ no skinheads existing. The first who began to assert that have attacked spectators of festival britogolovye, - has made nonsense. With bits and armature on Turgojak has come, to be exact has arrived ordinary shpana “ - the head of region Michael Jurevich marks in the blog. The basic version while household quarrel is considered: ostensibly malodoj the person and the girl - visitors of festival - have squabbled with the owner of one of the entertaining centres of Miass “ the Star city “ Rubenom Nazarjanom. “ the Pair has come to it into cafe with the alcohol, there were hard words. And it became an occasion that the owner of a complex has organised people on participation in fight at festival “ - has told yesterday at a briefing the first vitse - governor Oleg Grachev. Yesterday officially in investigating bodies have noticed that fulfil all versions, but “ household “ really is while priority. Yesterday to contact Rubenom Nazarjanom it was not possible - it was on interrogations in the Department of Internal Affairs of Miass. Its subordinates in the centre “ the Star city “ to make comments on a situation have refused.