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Office of Public Prosecutor Kizela demands to toughen punishment to Vitaly Fagmievu

Public prosecutor Kizela Sergey Shanko demands more severe punishment for eks - general directors of Open Company Zapaduralkran (ZUK) Vitaly Fagmieva sentenced by world court in the beginning of August by one and a half years of imprisonment for nonpayment of a salary to the employees. That public prosecutor Kizela has brought representation about toughening of punishment for g - on Fagmieva, have told in Office of Public Prosecutor Kizela. As the interlocutor has told, with similar petitions there were also victims. Consideration of this business will take place in the middle of September. We will remind, the sentence g - well to Fagmievu has been taken out on August, 2nd by the world judge of a judicial site 61 Kizelovsky municipal areas. Vitaly Fagmiev has been recognised by guilty of the commission of crime, 1 articles 145 provided by a part - 1 criminal code of Russian Federation (nonpayment of a salary more than two months). By victims 200 persons of workers to whom the businessman has run into debt an order of 7 million rbl. are recognised it is necessary to notice that in Prikamye it is the first case when the director sentence to a real imprisonment term for salary nonpayment. Before this punishment were limited only to discharge from posts. Open Company ZUK made parts of railway locomotives, tram and other motor cars. A receipt in 2008, it agree SPARK - Interfax - 36,5 million rbl., net profit - 160 thousand rbl. Nonpayment of money by worker Zapaduralkrana has caused a public resonance in September, 2009 when about 60 former workers of Open Company have blocked a line. They demanded to repay debts under the salary.