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M.Video will see in Ukraine

the Network M.Video the second-large seller of home appliances and electronics (BTE) in Russia, it is ready to fall outside the limits the country. It can get Ukrainian BTE - network Comfy in cost about $100 million At M.Video there are contenders: owners Comfy assert that in it are interested American Best Buy and German Media Markt.
As the co-owner and the head of board of directors of Open Company " has declared yesterday; Whist - service (owner Comfy) Stanislav Ronis, its company carries on negotiations for sale 30 - a percentage share of Open Company. Probably, in the beginning 10 % will be sold and the option for 20 % is signed. The transaction can include placing of actions Comfy at stock exchanges. Among potential buyers, as he said, British Dixons Group, American Best Buy, German Media Markt and Russian M.Video . Further all in negotiations we have promoted with M.Video Though while no arrangements are present - mister Ronis has noted.

in the Summer the president and the basic owner M.Video Alexander Tynkovan has declared that the company plans in the nearest three - five years to open shops in Kazakhstan and in Ukraine (see from July, 23rd). Thus expansion ritejler it is ready to carry out atypical for itself by merges and absorption. Yesterday a press - the secretary M.Video Kiselyov`s Hope has confirmed that the company really studies potential possibility of purchase Comfy, but has underlined that on it can be demanded till five years. Mister Ronis is ready to long negotiations: the transaction Whist - service expects to close only in 2013.

to receive comments in a staff - apartments Best Buy, Media Markt and Dixons last night it was not possible. At the Russian office Media Markt have explained that do not make comments on the international strategy ritejlera.

Open Society the Company M.Video it is based in 1993. For June, 30th, 2010 the network united 186 shops a total area of 489 thousand in sq. m. Owners - Alexander and Michael Tynkovany, Pavel Breev, in the free reference on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange and RTS - 29,7 %. A gain following the results of the first half of the year 2010 - 41,154 mlrd rbl. (from the VAT), EBITDA following the results of 2009 - 3,244 mlrd rbl. (profitability on EBITDA - 4,47 %). Capitalisation yesterday on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - $1,137 billion

Open Company Whist - service unites 72 shops Comfy in Ukraine. A network gain in 2009 - $400 million, the plan for 2010 - $600 million Under own data, Open Companies on an equal footing own Stanislav Ronis and Svetlana Gutsul.

in the end of 2009 Comfy took the third place on sales among Ukrainian BTE - operators after the Foxtrot (united 205 shops, a gain - $758,298 million) and Eldorado (86 shops, a gain - about $500 million). But if on the average on the market the gain from 1 sq. m reaches $200, at Comfy it above approximately in one and a half time - the vice-president of the Ukrainian association of the enterprises of home appliances and electronics Alexander Gromyko has specified. According to research company Gfk Ukraine, in the first half of the year 2010 the volume of the market of home appliances and electronics of Ukraine has made $1,722 mlrd, or on 30,1 % more than for the similar period of 2009.

by estimations of an analyst of investment company Dragon Capital of Tamara Levchenko, 100 % Comfy can cost by the current moment $65 - 70 million, and proceeding from potential of growth of the company it is possible to expect that in three years its cost can make about $100 million According to the plans published yesterday, Whist - service plans to increase a network by 2012 to 111 points.

One of the major conditions for this transaction is presence at Comfy audirovannoj the reporting - Kiselyov`s madam (consulting company Deloitte becomes the auditor of the Ukrainian company) underlines. According to the source close to Russian ritejleru, choice Comfy is caused by absence at a debt network . Within 2009 itself M.Video has completely extinguished the general bank debts and accumulated considerable cash money resources - to 6 mlrd rbl. Ranee Alexander Tynkovan also said that for an exit on the markets of the CIS countries it is necessary, that local suppliers carried out direct import of technics.