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Foreign cars remove from border

Prime minister Vladimir Putin has declared that Russia can raise taxes for import of foreign cars. Operating duties already have led to a stop of import of second-hand cars and delay of import of the new. In the government, however, say that to a question of change of rates on duties till now were going to return not earlier than 2015, and experts consider that programs of stimulation of demand are more actual for the Russian car industry now.
yesterday prime minister Vladimir Putin on air of TV channel to Conduct - 24 has not excluded that Russia and will lift further the customs duties for import of cars. According to the prime minister, while with the western autoconcerns have agreed as follows: now we will do nothing in a direction of increase of import duties . But, - Vladimir Putin, - here to you has added the temporary schedule. In such - that years we will start to lift gradually custom duties, at first on second-hand, and then and on new cars. We after all not members of the WTO, we can allow ourselves it .

Instead of import it is offered to foreign autoconcerns to develop manufacture in Russia the prime minister has noted. The government will make everything to provide successful business dealing and transfer of Russia foreign technologies, skills . Since what year and how much duties can rise again, mister Putin has not told. A press - the secretary of the prime minister Dmitry Peskov has explained that that has expressed not concrete intention of the government again to lift duties for import of cars, and has only explained the general principle of work in car industry: protection of the market against direct import with simultaneous creation of conditions for manufacture localisation (to $750 million and to 300 thousand cars).

In Minpromtorge and Ministries of Economics have refused yesterday comments. Informally in both departments have told that now the question of a raising of duties on foreign cars is not discussed. The director of department Minpromtorga Alexey Rakhmanov also said last week on the Moscow international motor show that duties while remain at present level. Last time the government lifted duties for import of foreign cars to the beginning of 2009 - with 25 to 30 %. Then was considered that at this level of the duty remain approximately to 2015 - 2016, tells one of sources in the government. The primary goal till this time - to raise volume and localisation of local assemblage over what now and Minpromtorg works, developing a new mode promsborki with the raised obligations on the size of investments and depth of localisation.

duties on foreign cars, especially second-hand, were the effective tool of protection of the market: According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, in the first half of the year 2010 import of second-hand cars to Russia was scanty and in comparison with 2009 has not changed, having made all $100 million in cost expression. Import of new cars also was reduced (from $8,2 mlrd to $7 mlrd) with simultaneous growth of assemblage of foreign cars in Russia: from $2,9 mlrd in the first half of the year 2009 to $4,7 mlrd this year. Assemblage of domestic brands also has increased - from $1,6 mlrd to $2,2 billion

This data says that increase of duties while is not a government priority analyst IK " considers; Aton July Matevosov. Focuses, in its opinion, should be two: deepening of localisation and the program of stimulation of demand. They manage cheaply (for the program of recycling of cars it is now spent 20 mlrd rbl.) But support sales, and it is important not only for sellers of cars, but also for suppliers of components. The last will be ready to create here manufactures, only when the market will make about 3 million cars, the analyst thinks.

but, operating director AG Capital Alexander Agibalov adds if to assume that Russia keeps accession to WTO plans, that, probably, there is a sense to borrow experience of China and on the eve of the introduction to establish traffic walls, which do not leave to the manufacturer of other choice, except how to deepen local assemblage . However, the expert doubts that the Russian authorities will go on increase of duties the next year. He notices that it is the extremely unpopular measure, and the next year in Russia will be pre-election.