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Nikolay Tsukanov is appointed by the new governor of the Kaliningrad region

Deputies of the Kaliningrad regional thought at an emergency meeting have approved Nikolay Tsukanov`s nominee on a post of the new governor of region. Tsukanov will replace on George Boos`s this post which has not received repeated governor`s term from - for insufficient support among the population.
According to the decision of the Kaliningrad regional thought, the secretary of local branch an United Russia Nikolay Tsukanov became the governor of region. During ballot for Tsukanov`s nominee 30 deputies have expressed at 21 voice necessary for the statement, against nine members of parliament have acted, refrained was not. Thus Nikolay Tsukanov will replace on a post of the governor of the Kaliningrad region George Boos which term of appointment expires on September, 27th.

Representing Tsukanov to the deputy case, the plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in Severo - the Western federal district Ilya Klebanov has characterised it as very sustained, quiet, thoughtful person seeing problems from different directions . In turn George Boos also considers Tsukanov as the worthy successor for work on a region post of the head. throughout five years that I worked with it, I have learnt it deeply enough and rukovodimyj the municipality showed them the highest rates. The budget of Gusevsky area for these years has grown in 12 times. It is an indicator - Boos has told, addressing to deputies of a regional thought.

we will remind, the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has offered on August, 23rd Nikolay Tsukanov`s nominee on a post of the governor of the Kaliningrad region. In the list of candidates presented an United Russia The deputy of the State Duma, the former mayor of Kaliningrad Yury Savenko and the head of Kaliningrad Alexander Jaroshuk appeared also. United Russia party members have explained George Boos`s resignation by unpopularity at the population, and also plans to find for it a supervising post of federal level.