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Either transfer of money, or works you do not receive

the Assistant to premieres - the minister of the government of Bashkiria Talgat Abdrahmanov became the figurant of the criminal case raised in the relation of it under article swindle . As the head of department on struggle against economic crimes (UBEP) has told yesterday the Ministry of Internal Affairs on RB Yury Chernitsev, mister Abdrahmanov is suspected of reception of 1 million rbl. illegal compensation from business concern to which has ostensibly assisted in state order reception.
the chief republican UBEP Yury Chernitsev on a press - conferences has informed yesterday that last Thursday in Ufa, in one of game clubs, the assistant to premieres - the minister of republic Talgat Abdrahmanov has been detained. According to lieutenant colonel Chernitseva, mister Abdrahmanov at the moment of detention received from the intermediary, the inhabitant of Ufa Iljasa Mamedov, illegal monetary compensation at a rate of 1 million rbl. Money, under the version of the investigation, has been received for rendering by the official of assistance in reception of the state order of one of business concerns. The company name does not reveal under a pretext secrecy of the investigation . According to lieutenant colonel Chernitseva, the firm expected to win the tender on building - repair work which are financed from the republican budget. Thus, as he said, it is a question not of any concrete object and about the general protection at interaction of the state and commercial structures .

Concerning mister Abdrahmanova criminal case under article " is brought; swindle . Why actions of the official are not qualified as a bribe, chief UBEPa has explained to that the assistant to premieres - the minister as obliges had no possibility to promote the decision of the questions connected with distribution of means of the budget . However, head UBEPa, " has explained; All heard about the telephone right : At the expense of it Abdrahmanov organised meetings of commercial structure with officials, with the subsequent possibility them of a prize in the tender .

In the Ministry of Internal Affairs consider that the case with mister Abdrahmanovym is not individual . It has laid down the commercial company a condition - either money, or you do not receive works - chief UBEPa has added.

In the near future the consequence plans to bring accusations of Talgatu Abdrahmanovu and to Iljasu Mamedov. The court has selected concerning them a preventive punishment in the form of an arrest. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs assert that figurants of business can become high enough officials in the government but, as chief UBEPa, " has explained; while we qualify actions only those whom have detained .

Lawyer Talgata Abdrahmanova Ilnur Gizamov has refused yesterday comments, having referred to impossibility to co-ordinate a position with the client.

Zamglavy of Presidential Administration RB Rostislav Murzagulov has reminded that in the end of July Rustem Hamitov asked agents of national security to strengthen carrying out of actions for fight against corruption . Untouchable in republic is not present and any more will not be - mister Murzagulov has noted about it.