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In Bashkiria there can be a mountain-skiing centre of federal value

In Beloretsky area of Bashkiria is planned to construct a large mountain-skiing complex on the basis of the mountain-skiing centre Mratkino . It was declared by the minister of a youth policy and sports of republic Alexander Nikerin during a working meeting with the president of federation of mountain skiing and a snowboard of Russia and the deserved master of sports of the Russian Federation of Svetlana Gladyshevoj which has taken place on August, 27th. It is expected that the new centre will be constructed within the limits of the Federal target program sports and physical training Development in the Russian Federation on 2006 - 2015 (FTSP). Now prepares design - the budget documentation necessary for application for participation in FTSP. As has told g - n Nikerin, now it is necessary to create corresponding conditions . It has explained that First of all it is necessary to make system osnezhenija cost of 18 million the roubles, two lifts which will manage in 25 million . Also it is necessary to complete hotel on 36 places - he has added, summarising that on these purposes it is required 50 million more .

Now in region working out of the civil-engineering design of a large modern complex on a grief Small Jamantau is already conducted. According to Svetlana Gladyshevoj, in a year we will try to spend in Bashkiria a World Cup stage on a snowboard in a slalom . She has noticed that it is necessary to confirm the demand together with the international ski federation and to defend the right of carrying out of these competitions in Russia .