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The Office of Public Prosecutor has opened the new earths

Office of Public Prosecutor of Dzerzhinsky area of Volgograd has found out infringements FZ About municipal employees during check of regional administration. At state employees not declared property has been revealed. To the mayor corresponding representations are sent. Earlier similar infringements have been revealed and in the mayoralty. However experts notice that in the current legislation there are the blanks allowing officials to avoid of punishment.
the Office of Public Prosecutor has inspected dzerzhinskoj regional administration of Volgograd within the limits of the national plan of counteraction of corruption confirmed by the president of the Russian Federation by Dmitry Medvedev. Employees of Office of Public Prosecutor had been studied inquiries on incomes of the municipal employees which annual giving is provided by Federal laws About corruption counteraction and About municipal employees . During check vysnilos that three employees of administration have not specified the ground areas which are available in their property in inquiries on incomes. And it contradicts FZ About municipal employees - the assistant to the public prosecutor of Dzerzhinsky area Anton Kurdyumov has informed. Based on the results of testing Office of Public Prosecutor has directed corresponding representations to the head of Volgograd. preschedule cancellation of the labour contract can become the most unpleasant consequence of the doubtful data presented in the inquiry on incomes. However this decision remains on consideration of the employer - mister Kurdyumov has underlined.

we will remind that in the middle of July Genrokuratura has found set of similar infringements and among employees of the mayoralty. Then check was spent on the instructions of prime minister Vladimir Putin, and during it rough infringements of the legislation on municipal service and corruption counteraction have been revealed, the numerous facts of concealment by municipal employees of data on the property belonging to them on the property right (premises, vehicles, etc.) are established . The given checks have been transferred in a city administration for the analysis, the facts specified in them. Lawyers of city administration have considered a part of arguments unreasonable. Answers to representations will direct to Office of Public Prosecutor in the beginning of September.

experts also notice that according to an existing order in case of representation of obviously false data the municipal employee is dismissed or involved in a disciplinary responsibility in the form of the remark, reprimand and dismissal. Thus, the choice of a measure of responsibility remains for the employer. However here there is a nuance which presumes the official and at all to avoid punishment. the law gives to the municipal employee possibility to present specification or additions in case in earlier presented data it had been found out errors, or any data are not completely reflected, - the senior lawyer of Volga region management of legal firm " has told; Vegas leks Igor Gusev. - Anyway, to do a conclusion about, whether data have deliberately been deformed, it is necessary to the employer taking into account the facts established by public prosecutor`s check .

Members of parliament say that at legislative level it is possible to provide more serious administrative responsibility. And to strengthen control over it. but I do not think that it is necessary to translate business in a criminal law zone, as here narrow enough side between possible evasion from payment of taxes and incomplete instructions of the information in the declaration for other reasons - the head of fraction " has informed; Fair Russia in the Volgograd regional Duma Oleg Paholkov. As he said, annual declaring of incomes of the higher state persons in the Russian Federation gives to the procedure the new status and value. It should promote that public declaring became on - to the present the effective terminator for those who would like to use public service in own interests. unfortunately, while careless officials exploit openings in the legislation - he has underlined.