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It is dismissed on own unwillingness

In Saratov by the order and. About the head of administration of a city Alexey Prokopenko director MUP " is dismissed; SpetsATH on city cleaning Andrey Andrjushchenko. He has refused to sign the letter of resignation with open date offered, as he said, to a number of heads of the municipal enterprises. Mister Andrjushchenko connects illegal in his opinion, actions of the mayoralty with the beginning March 2011 of elective campaign in a municipal duma and with unwillingness of a management of a city to advance in it objectionable heads MUPov. In goradministratsii the dismissal reason see in inefficient work of the official on the post.
in Saratov seven months prior to elections in a municipal duma (they will pass in March, 2011) the next official scandal has burst. I an island of the head of administration of Saratov Alexey Prokopenko has dismissed the head of the municipal enterprise the Specialized motor transportation enterprise (MUP SpetsATH specialises on garbage cleaning) Andrey Andrjushchenko.

As head MUP has told , past Thursday it was caused the head of the device of the mayoralty by Ekaterina Carlson and has suggested to write the application on dismissal at own will with open date . to Write it I has refused, then in the same evening the similar offer has sounded to me and. About the head of administration Alexey Prokopenko, - speaks head MUP. - Has told that is necessary to write such application that I did not stand in gordumu - under the law heads MUPov are not municipal employees and can participate in elections . On Friday evening, as mister Andrjushchenko speaks, it was again caused by the madam Carlson, having heard the negative answer, it has in a pointed manner stretched the decision about clearing of a post . The contract has been terminated unilaterally, without assigning any reasons, in spite of the fact that I am on the sick-list, - head MUP has told . - to Sign this document I did not become, the labour law I will defend in court .

Thus mister Andrjushchenko has informed that, on its information, the offer to write a resignation with open date many heads MUPov have received, some have signed it. I will risk to assume that when such statements are written, heads of the municipal enterprises appear on a short lead it is possible to put before them any problems and to demand their irreproachable performance, - mister Andrjushchenko has expressed the opinion. - I have refused to do it . Responsibility for carrying out of March elections is assigned to Alexey Prokopenko, he considers, is not excluded that all places in a thought are already distributed: God forbid someone else will jump out - they of it are afraid and reinsured .

Meanwhile Alexey Prokopenko has sounded the vision of a conflict situation. I repeatedly specified to the head SpetsATH on defects in enterprise activity, - it has explained. - however from the director, for my opinion, took place both default, and inadequate execution of direct orders . it is a lot of questions mister Prokopenko speaks, has collected to mister Andrjushchenko on financially - economic activities MUPa . Despite increase in budgetary financing (in the first half of the year of this year growth has made 16,4 % by the similar period of 2009), the enterprise is better did not begin to work - valovyj a loss - 4,7 million roubles .

the Deputy gordumy, head MUPP Saratovvodokanal ( an United Russia ) Alexander Isaev has confirmed the existence fact letters of resignation with open date . I heard about it, colleagues spoke, simply took and have written, at them the head on shoulders, - he has noticed . - Me of such offers did not arrive - but I if I will write, only with dismissal date .

About the private decision the mayoralty not to admit directors MUP in deputies gordumy also the deputy gordumy from ", as he said, knows; Fair Russia Victor Markov. I with it completely agree, - he speaks. - and that at us abnormally turns out: director MUP and the deputy in one person itself actively lobbies allocation of budgetary funds to the enterprise, itself these means masters also itself supervises - here it open space for corruption . If legislators at federal level have not settled till now this disputable slipping norm, the deputy believes, it is necessary to solve these questions on places.

Thus the Saratov political scientist Alexander Panteleev believes that Alexey Prokopenko makes the big political error . Independent directors MUPov can go on elections irrespective of, wants this Prokopenko or not, - the political scientist has noticed. - and then unfairly dismissed without dependence from their party accessory will receive the most powerful trump in one-mandatory districts, after all in Russia very much love sufferers .