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Employees of traffic police were ambushed

In Astrakhan search for originators of armed attack on the traffic police car. Intsindent has occurred on August, 29th, however criminals till now have not found. The most popular version of an event: attacking are the same zloumyshlennki, by hand which two militiamen already were lost on July, 27th and 28.
the Astrakhan militia is again translated on the strengthened mode. In a city the plan " operates; the Volcano - 3 the traffic police examines suspicious motor vehicles. In streets at men check documents. On August, 29th nearby 1. 30 nights three inspectors of a separate battalion of traffic police - 1 on VAZ - 2110 patrolled Sofia Perovsky`s street around a city cemetery. On turn to departure from a city towards village Nachalovo patrolmen have noticed VAZ - 2106 without state numbers. In the car there was a driver, one or two passengers (their exact quantity is not established). Employees have demanded the driver to stop, however that on the contrary - has increased speed and has tried to disappear on Nachalovsky highway towards Privolzhsky area. In a private sector the six has suddenly curtailed on a lonely street. There they suited an ambush on the patrol car, having opened on them fire from pistols. All three inspectors of traffic police have quickly appeared are wounded - two in the hands, one in a trunk. One of criminals has approached to wounded men and has tried to finish the critically wounded patient of the militiaman nearest most a control shot in a head. However has missed - the bullet has not got to a brain. Attacking have picked up Kalashnikov`s automatic machine collapsible truncated (AKSU) and a pistol of Makarova and have disappeared.

as Alexey Bessons, in the evening on Sunday " has informed yesterday zamrukovoditelja the Astrakhan management of investigatory committee; the six have found drowned in the small river near to a scene of crime. As he said, it is found already out that the car have the day before stolen from village Kulakovka of Privolzhsky area. The chief of department on investigation especially important issues SKP Michael Muranov has declared that the version about participation of criminals in shooting on militiamen is considered on July, 27th and 28. However investigation details has refused to divulge.

we will remind, on July, 27th at 3 o`clock in the morning of three unknown persons - one Caucasian, one east and one slavic appearance - have attacked on two employees PPS in Bratsk to the Garden in the centre of Astrakhan. One of militiamen has died on the spot from wounds, its workmate has been wounded. On July, 28th in 4 o`clock in the morning three employees of private security have undergone to an attack. One of them has died in hospital later. The purpose attacking was, considered a consequence, to take hold of the automatic weapon. They were searched by some weeks, there was a version later that they could leave a city. However, till now on the main roads of the regional centre there are traffic police patrols. Townspeople tell that at men on Sunday and yesterday checked documents directly in streets. In a city the plan " operates; the Volcano - 3 . While in the Department of Internal Affairs do not inform on any results of the work.

we believe that it can be the same criminals, - tells a source in the Department of Internal Affairs. - handwriting is very similar: attack defiantly, never get rid of the weapon, very strongly are very cautious .